Birthday presents

There is a story to my birthday of course. As though the Creator is forever trying to humble my cranky, dictator, nazi mom ass :P The »


My husband was working on this for my birthday. :D Transferring all of my blogspot data over to our own server and website. What do you »

Magnesium reduces Cerebral Palsy

Magnesium reduces cerebral palsy risk ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Cerebral palsy is a serious muscle disorder caused by brain anomalies which affects babies even before they are born. »

I like this quote

" Illegal immigration is not a new problem, Native Americans used to call it 'White People" »


I told you that I had a HUGE mess to clean up earlier! She loves her food! :D »

Wed, 08/18/2010 - 15:30

AHHH! It has been WAY too long my pretty little blog. I have missed you so. Well I'm starting again. I WANT to blog. To capture »

Wayeb' Tzolk'in Calendar

* Wayeb'* The five nameless days at the end of the Tzolk'in calendar, called Wayeb', were thought to be a dangerous time. Foster (2002) writes, "During Wayeb, »

This is true. I suffer from PTSD

PTSD as a condition that develops after a life-threatening trauma. Victims suffer three types of experiences long afterward, even in a safe environment. They repeatedly re-experience »

Cerebral Palsy & Aging

"But aging can produce severe anxiety in those with cerebral palsy. The aging process begins early as over stressed muscles and joints wear out relatively quickly, »

Libra & the kidneys ~

"Libra also rules the kidneys, the organs of elimination that maintain the chemical balance of the body. Through the elimination of the poisonous toxins in our »