Carrot cake is now out of the oven and cooling. I followed the recipe for the bunt pan directions. Which in my previous post is recipe number three I believe?! I ended up using soy flour and sweet sorghum flour. Matty searched & searched alas there was no coconut flour at the local stores. :*(

The sugar free cream cheese frosting is also chilling at the moment. I would have preferred tofuti cream cheese frosting as this dairy is no doubt going to screw with my intestines which in turn makes a full circle into my sinus's etc :( But oh how I WANT the cream cheese sugar free frosting on this carrot cake.

Perhaps I should mix myself a nice glass of soluble & insoluble fiber before partaking in this belated birthday carrot cake??

YUM! FIBER! Let me just drink this up and I'll get to the stripey tights photos! :)

And of course MORE SALAD! I <3 salad!!!!

Matty helping me peel the carrots! (Our kitchen needs work yes, it is slowly falling apart. We're getting there. The paint on the cabinets, that was not from us. I know I know, why did I bring it up right? Well it bothers me so I tend to spout about the things that bother me. )

Okay now off to go ice this cake!!!! :D 

See I had to come back in here and show you the iced cake. Now bear with my guys, the cake was still very soft and not easy to get out of the bunt.

So as I'm here posting the iced cake, let me show you my husbands latest addiction.

He loves Nathans hot dogs. They are kosher. Soooo good! I though am forever freaking out on him because I worry about his heart. He's my man and I don't want him going anywhere other than here any time soon. But he so loves Nathans. If you eat regular hot dogs take the switch and tell me which brand you like better.

Okay I have to go to the bathroom. Too much info???