22, 22.4, 4.22, 22/22, etc.

The 22 almost always deals with the productive part of your life; your job, your responsibilities, your creativity. You are either ignoring opportunities, or you are afraid of the potential results - even if they are promising (or precisely because they are promising). You are quite possibly at a stage in your life when the door is open to a promised land. Very scary. Can you handle it?

The great Russian master Gurdjev, talks about "extra effort." This is the secret to success on all levels of life; material, spiritual, emotional. In a nutshell, the explanation is this. People who do not put forth effort end up losing every opportunity and every chance of real happiness. They are the losers among us. Poor, unhappy, and full of self-pity. Petty crime, jealousy, anger, cynicism, lost love, and blaming every one but themselves, is a loser's daily experience.

Those of us who understand the need for effort and live up to that, do fine. Perhaps not rich, perhaps not involved in the perfect relationship, perhaps not anywhere near as successful as we think we deserve to be, we nonetheless muddle on in relative peace and contentment. We have our friends, we have a job, we have opportunities.

Then there are those who have it in their nature to apply extra effort to everything they do. They don't just do their jobs. They do it better than is required. They apply themselves completely to everything they do. They are perfectionists. They demand the most of themselves. And not just in their jobs. Their spiritual experiences also reflect this. They don't accept anything because it is easy, or convenient, or expected, or comfortable. They search and sacrifice. They question, and they put everything on the line for just one more little bit of understanding. They risk friendships and romance in the search for knowledge. On the emotional plane, they are hard and unforgiving to themselves, but compassionate and generous to others. They don't make excuses or try to shift the blame. And, lo and behold, there is balance in all things; they reach a happiness and contentment, an inner peace and visible spiritual strength that is recognized and admired by many. They win. They always reap their rewards. This is Gurdjev's lesson: Effort is always rewarded exponentially.

When looking at the corresponding Tarot card we find The Fool who represents the God force within. The Fool has walked the 21 lessons of the Major Arcana in the Tarot, to complete a full cycle and move beyond the present incarnation. 22 is an ancient numerical symbol for a circle and therefore represents the Alpha and Omega, by which the Lord described himself in the Bible. Here is the cosmic life force about to descend, inexperienced, into the world of manifestation.

Astrologically, the planet Earth is associated with the Fool and the number 22. Since 22 reduces to a 4 (2 + 2 = 4), the Earth holds dominion over this vibration. Consciousness is a state of mind. A blending of spiritual consciousness with the proper use and control of the world's material offerings, including the body itself, gives the perfect state of being. Once this can be achieved, the individual is no longer bound by Earthly considerations but merely uses them with reverence and respect.

If the 22 is found prominent within a number pattern that just keeps popping up in your life, it means you have it in you to become a person for whom the path of extra effort is the natural path. You just need to shift gears.