The effects of being born premature.Premature so much in fact that by the statistics in the year of 1975 such a baby should not even be alive.Existing here in this plane. Coming into the world at 26 weeks. Born dead. Blue body. No lung development. Tubes with other peoples blood feeding the baby constantly to keep the baby alive...Needles stuck in the babies head hands and feet. The parents and siblings could not provide the blood needed. People of another kind could. They did so willingly. Giving their life essence for the little baby that was only 1 lb 4 oz. Giving so that this baby could continue to grow and develop. The cells and chemistry of the other people intermingling mixing with this babies own makeup...The force of life driving into the babies body. Such strong people. Such a strong baby.

This baby did not know it at the time....As it was so ready to come out here and experience this dimension....That by being so impatient it would have to go through those stages and accept the life force of those good people. Time would continue on for this baby and it would develop slow with it's motor skills. Cerebral Palsy rearing it's head at the babies body. Some brain cells would just never live again after the experience of death upon birth upon life. Some brain cells however would flourish. Those cells that would over compensate for the cells that never lived, would cause most people to never fully understand the spirit (or the mind if that's what you feel comfortable with thinking of the spirit as...Though personally I view the spirit and the mind as separate indeed.)of this baby. This baby would go on to see life in various colors. The colors would actually be pictures though no picture would actually be seen. Yet the colors would tell extensive stories. Stories that most would not comprehend. Thoughts would be swirls in the babies minds eye. The swirls would move and dance with color. Each color represented a different letter, a different word, a different sentence, a different person, a different scent, a different object and the list goes on. The list is endless because the colors, just like each new thought pattern the baby/now adult has are endless.

I suppose it has never crossed your mind that the babies soft spot never grew closed. That's right. The baby, now adult has an "open", if you will, "crown chakra".

The road was hard for the baby as it grew in it's body from baby to toddler. Not being able to walk until the age of three.


Have you ever stopped to wonder what it must be like to have to actually think to walk. Yes, think to walk. That is what this baby, now adult must do every second of the day. Having heavy lead like legs that often do what they want, including not move, or spasm out of control, is quite difficult to navigate and take a step without thinking the actual words "pick up foot and step forward." Again...Remember that such sentence is seen in color variations in the "mind." With such a given situation baby who is now adult has learned somewhat of a "mind" over matter spiritual trick...(mind = spirit you decide.) That is the trick of living in those colors....Becoming..non "grounded" if you will. Why certainly non "grounding" would spiritually allow the adult to overcome the physical sensation of lead legs and feet. That is to a degree of course.

Back tracking to elementary school. That was extremely hard for this child. The child living in their own world of colors felt safe. Yet the harsh truth was that this child was deformed. The other children often pointed...Stared and whispered things in the ears of their friends when this deformed child would somehow manage to walk past them. The child with cerebal palsy was not blind to such things. It hurt this child deeply. With this hurt came an insatiable ability to defend them self. So someone older a grade level higher, a stronger male gender even wanted to make fun of the twisted up child. Well, this child was tough. On came the wrath of this child's pain for the people in this world to be so cruel. Braces on legs, crutches Canadian crutches thrown down to the ground. This child could kick some butt. Bring it on...Were the swirly colors promoting in the child's mind...And bring it on they did. This child would get pushed down easily yes. But the child had wondrous use of the upper limbs...And with one swift motion could bring the pusher down to the ground with them. The fight would then be to the advantage of the deformed child. Who says that a child with cerebral palsy could not defend themselves and even take down the older "stronger" higher grade male child?!

Following elementary there was junior high. Which was meant to be "easier" after the parents of the child had done what they thought best. By the marvels of modern medicine the child endured many surgeries. Unfortunately there are many who perceive that if one has undergone surgery for such a neurological disorder then they must be corrected. The problem has obviously gone away. Problem solved, look at how the child now walks like everyone else.

Highschool, appearances may be deceiving. No more whispers, no more pointing and staring. Not even from adults. That was the worst for this child. Adults who were supposed to be educated and wise....Well they to were guilty of stares and pointing fingers and whispers all through the child's life. Yet highschool was showing new hopes. Or rather New ways to hide. Friends and popularity....Even boyfriends and kisses. Touching fondling holding hands. Ah life was bliss. Yet no one knew the truth. Hiding behind a mask of pretty legs was the deformed tight twisted up, switched around, cut and sliced tendons and muscles that were still as heavy as lead.

Such a lucky child to fight out for life under the constellation of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus. Venus/Libra what a pair...To create beauty to be looked upon...Yet still so cruel to be twisted, mangled deformed and broken inside.

As time would go on the colors would intensify for this child growing into adult hood. Soon, the colors would shift and aside from being viewed internally they would manifest in the physical world. Turning to art this teen/young adult would feel comfortable enough to one day share some of the visions with the hippies that were also in the same art classes. Describing the popping sound at the base of the brain before seeing such colors only eluded the hippie kids to ask if the young adult with cerebal palsy took LSD. The answer to their astonishment was no. The hippie kids were in such awe. They could not believe it, yet they did. As they continued to probe the young adult and ask more about the colors...The young adult also learned some things n return. Most of the colors it seems are fractals. Fractals = numbers= equations...The beautifully twisted up young adult explained to the hippies of seeing physical objects disappear...As well as physical things vibrating with a pulse a rhythm that could be seen in color. Explaining that Physical objects can twist and turn and swirl and breath. Yet the hippies were still amazed that there was no LSD involved.

Soon other senses aside from "third eye" sight became heightened as well. The sense of hearing became almost unbearable. Different pitches and tones could be heard from miles away frustrating this poor crippled up being. Often these sounds and frequencies would cause the young adult to go out on foot in search of where the pulses and radio gibberish was coming from, often in the middle of the night. Soon anything with electricity became almost unbearable. This was becoming a double edged sword trading the ability to walk for other "odd" abilities that still no one could understand. When things couldn't get any further double edge sword-ish, the sense of smell became like that of an animal we call dog. All of these gifts leaving this young adult further alienated.