Scroll down to Ted from Thailand's approach. I understand most of what he has written due to my extensive research in natural cures over the past nine years. Also my father was a sports medicine physical therapist for a long period of time and he always touted DMSO.

I am going to try this for myself & also to rid the heavy metals out of Willow's system.

Please read if you or your child suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

"Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term encompassing a group of non-progressive,[1] non-contagious conditions that cause physical disability in human development.[2]

Cerebral refers to the cerebrum, which is the affected area of the brain (although the disorder most likely involves connections between the cortex and other parts of the brain such as the cerebellum), and palsy refers to disorder of movement. CP is caused by damage to the motor control centers of the developing brain and can occur during pregnancy (about 75 percent), during childbirth (about 5 percent) or after birth (about 15 percent) up to about age three.[3][4] Further research is needed on adults with CP as the current literature is highly focused on the pediatric patient."


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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED] 04/09/2009: Alfred from Ransit, Thailand writes: "my neigbor has 5 year old son with cerebal palsey.. four months ago he could not hold his head up or he can almost stand by himself, and hold his head up.. he seems to be getting stronger as he gets older..I suggested ACV. I feel that cures everything.. Do you have any more solid cures. Stay well my friends

Alfred Baron"

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03/31/2010: Alison from Bothell, Washington writes: "After studying Ted's thorough Cerebal Palsy remedies, I think I have come up with an easy to follow plan. I hope this helps all interested in trying it. Ted, jump in and correct/adjust if I've missed anything.

Stage 1 - Detoxification (1week) Ammonia
Magnesium Chloride 2-3 drops 3xday, 70% MC powder/30% distilled water
HCI - concentrated HCE, 1 drop per glass * optional
stop using once ammonia is under control

End of week 1 add:
B complex - B-50 1x day - grind 1/2 put in juice.
Vit C 100mg per glass - 1x day in juice

Stage 1B - Balancing (optional)
Methylene blue 1 drop .0.1%

Stage 2 - Circulation (3-4 weeks)
1/4 tsp plain white vinegar or ACV (week 1 of stage 2)
DMSO 1 drop (week 2-3 of the 3rd week of remedy)
1/16 tsp Potassium Citrate 3xday
1/16 tsp Sodium Citrate 3xday
EDTA 10-20mg 1x day, give briefly near the end of stage 2
disodium EDTA, PH buffered or a tetrasodium EDTA, magnesium EDTA never use calcium EDTA

Magnesium Chloride 2-3 drops 3x day
B -50 1 x day
Vit C

Stage 3 - Building (3 months)
hydergine 1x every 2-3 days
Nootropil 1x every 2-3 days
lithium Carbonate 12mg per dose"

04/05/2010: Z-block from Flint, Ga, Usa replies: "Great summary. So, i would need liquid MG chloride as well as MG Chloride powder. I need to find lithium carbonate powder though. This may cost between $200 & $300 but I just i'll do 1 step at a time."
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06/11/2009: ZePaul from South Atl, GA writes: "I've been taking sea salt & Potassium salt for a week. How long does it take to regenerate brain cells for CP?"

06/12/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I didn't write in previously with sufficient details of the cerebral palsy cure. The reason why that was not done was I simply wanted a complete cure, However, the remedy outlined here will result in a improvement, almost day by day and a significant improvement enough to surprise someone on a week by week basis. I will keep this updated once I got a complete cure however, but my case are usually advanced forms of cerebral palsy, which is a lot tougher than most cases of cerebral palsy.
The persons I have experienced was usually around 5-8 years old, often having no control of neck, arms and legs. This includes inability to remember, speak, and see the person as he has no control of the eyes. There is a clear underdevelopment of legs, arms and torso. In other words the rest of the body simply did not grow, so the head was larger than the rest of the body.

The birth of these babies was that the mother was somehow got infected during childbirth especially giving birth. Such that the child during birth had epieptic seizures, heart stoppage, or simply went unconscious. Doctors attempt to revive them through various means and was put into incubators.

A frequent problems with cerebral palsy is the so called spastic condition. It's commonly thought that the motor neurons or cerebellum area to be damaged, but MRI scans for most of the victims seems to point to a damage in either the frontal or parietal (middle part) of the brain, where it orders the rest of the body what to do. An ECG examination shows that several of the lines just jump right across the page, which looks almost like the beginnings of an epileptic seizures if it had not been for the myelin sheaths which protects. So certain areas of the brain functions appear damage, but not enough to caused epileptic seizures under normal conditions.

I was however lucky to find that most serious cerebral palsy have a condition of hyperammonemia, a condition where the blood has excessive levels of ammonia, and the urine of these children smells pretty bad, an ammonia smell. So this is a very important clue, at the very least toward recovery.

The key issue is a brain can never heal itself if it is bathed in toxic biochemical wastes, and ammonia is one sore thumb that prevents a brain cell from recovery if ammonia is found excessive. Interestingly, doctors, at least where I live overlook the fact that ammonia is preventing the brain's eventual healing.

Therefore, the remedy is simple: reduce the ammonia first. Ammonia's pH is very alkaline and one major indicator is to monitor for the urine smell. If the urine has no smell then the child can eventually recover from the condition by removing this toxic substance. It should be noted that the child will experience the most dramatic recovery and improvement in the first three weeks once the ammonia is removed from the system.

The best remedy to neutralize an alkaline ammonia substance and at the same time is neuroprotective, especially in the first two to three weeks is obviously to neutralize the ammonia. The best remedy that I can come up with is magnesium chloride solution. Its pH is rather slightly acid, just enough to neutralize the alkaline ammonia. Magnesium chloride also has other interesting properties: it is neuroprotective in general, but especially the heavy metal, a constant feature in people with epileptic seizures and hence can be used to neutralized them at the same time. It should be noted that the child was not on meds for various reasons by the parents.

In any case the magnesium chloride is prepared by mixing 70% magnesium chloride powder dissolved in 30% distilled or Reverse Osmosis water. Since ammonia is rather alkaline, and at the same time the child don't like their taste anyway. It's commonly mixed in fruit juices, such as apple juice or grape fruit. My favorite being grape juice, but other fruit juices are fine, such as vegetable juices. So that the blood sugar does not spike when a child drinks the fruit juices, at the very least the fruit juice has to be diluted with a good mineral water. The dilution can be 1 part fruit juices to 1 part mineral water. Or preferbly, 1 part fruit juices to 2 part mineral water. Whenever this is done, the blood sugar isn' effected if the child happens to drink them.

During the first week the magnesium chloride is taken throughout the week. I sometimes used other supplement, but it seems to keep the child too active and not sleepy such as 1 drops of 0.1% methylene blue, but this is not required, but in some cases it does help brain activity. Some vitamin C can be added to the fruit juice drink such as 100 mg per glass. The child don't need to drink the entire glass of fruit juice either. He can drink any amount he or she pleases. The fruit juice with water is added with between 2-3 drops of magnesium chloride 70% solution in a one glass of fruit juice. It's given at low amount so as not to cause a diarrhea. Constipation on the otherhand can cause a decline in mental conditions, but this is not the problem when giving magnesium chloride drops in their drinking water. Some vitamin B complex helps neural recovery too, and they can be added in small amounts to the drinks. Assuming that I have a B50, this can be added in powdered form such as 1/2 of that grinded, and mixed in the fruit drinks, full glass of water.

It's the vitamin B complex that will significantly increase the child's appetite and the body will begin to grow, but it must be understood that this doesn't happen if ammonia is present. Therefore it is the magnesium chloride that removes the ammonia as well as being neuroprotective. The vitamin B complex is supports it but does not necessarily remove the ammonia toxins.

The body's growth is controlled by the brain function and if ammonia is there the body simply don't develop so they remain small compared to head of the child. Also the fruit juice are citric acid and will further neutralize any ammonia at the same time. The vitamin B will begin to make its mark in the development of the body during the second and third week of this remedy and the body will begin to grow most noticeably on the third week.

The development of the body in a cerebral palsy as the child begins to recover will be as follows: The childs eyes has greater control. The child regains it's ability to control the neck. The arms and the back comes next. The last part is often the legs, assuming a generalized cerebral palsy condition where a greater part of the brain is effected. However, certain parts of the brain will be damaged and therefore we expect to see certain spastic or locking up in the areas of the arms or legs depending on the location of the damage in the brain. These will be the last to recover, and hence the most difficult.

Therefore the outline of a cerebral palsy remedy is looked upon in stages as follows:

  1. Detoxification
  2. Circulation
  3. Building

What I mentioned on simply the magnesium chloride and vitamin B complex using a diluted fruit juices is the detoxification. In a few cases I may add concentrated hydrochloric acid (only ONE drop) per glass of fruit juice, which produces a nice tart to the fruit juice. The reason why I may, but is never a requirement is that this neutralizes the ammonia that is found in the body and is then converted into ammonium chloride, a salt that is safely removed out into the urine without causing further destruction in the body. Therefore the hydrochloric is used only the first week just to get rid of the ammonia smell from the urine. Once they are gone, and the brain begins recovery, the body regains control and maybe won't have another ammonia because the brain has taken control of itself through it's liver function in detoxification.

The second stage is the circulation, and I had to be patient enough to make sure the ammonia is OUT of the system and no longer present in the urine. It's nice to have an ammonia tester for the urine, sold only in aquarium shops so we can monitor the child's ammonia level from time to time. Getting control of that by neutralizing ammonia is relatively straightforward. We can also add a 1/4 teaspoon of plain white distilled vinegar or some apple cider vinegar mixed into the fruit juices also. The vinegar is an acetic acid and it helps acetylation process, and process in the body that is known to detoxify and helps too. The reason why that is not mentioned in the beginning is to keep the focus on the magnesium first, vitamin B complex second, and vinegar is the third. I am currently looking into methylation, another method the body does to detox itself, using MSM and trimethylglycine, but it's a minor point at the moment and need not be discussed now and just focus on the most important issues. It should be noted that magnesium is given three times a day, and the child doesn't have to finish the entire fruit juices. A vitamin B complex is taken only once as described so is added only once in the fruit juices while the magnesium is added three times throughout the day.

The second stage that I found important and especially the development of muscles and getting control of them is the second stage. Brain cells that have been damage, for instance the parietal area, can't get access to both nutrients and oxygen because some circulation was blocked. In fact during the fruit juice stage and magnesium supplement given, these will remove most of the "calcium blockages" that blocks circulation. We can further restore this using DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). The dose is simple. During the third week roughly into "the remedy" we add one drop of DMSO is added into the fruit juices. This is added along with the usual magnesium chloride, but an addition of DMSO is added now, once the ammonia is gone. The assumption is DMSO is a two edge sword. If the body is high in ammonia, the DMSO may cause further damage, and hence is neutralized. Once the ammonia is neutralized as noted that the urine no longer smells ammonia can DMSO be started which occurs usually around the second or usually the third week. Afterwhich mental function impovemnt of the child will be noted the most this phase. Perhaps I begun too slow, but at the fastest, a DMSO might begin during the second week at the fastest. Since the child's ammonia is now lowered 1/16 teaspoon of potassium citrate and 1/16 teaspoon of sodium citrate is now added to their fruit juice drinks. The HCl is no longer used once the ammonia is kept under control. The potassium and sodium citrate is given three times a day. A child does not have to finish his fruit juice drinks prepared needs to be repeated here.

Magnesium is commonly an overlook mineral but it plays a significant role in neural transmission and protective function especially in cerebral palsy. Potassium is only second and hence is given during the second or third week once the ammonia has been ridden of. Parents seem to be most happy with their child during this second stage once DMSO is given. DMSO is free of side effects because i give them in very low dose, just enough for it to do the job. People tend to give way too much DMSO. As to how much the dose for DMSO is the best, I used one drop. Whether two drop may work better than one drop is a matter of debate, depending on the child's size. However, the one drop per dose is often problem free. I can't tell you the optimum for that a minimum I am happy enough so that it does what it's intended to do: mental recovery.

During the circulation stage which a possible addition of EDTA might be considered, using the disodium EDTA, or perhaps a hypothetical tetrasodium EDTA, but I will never use the calcium EDTA, and a magnesium EDTA maybe acceptable too. The point in the disodium EDTA or tetrasodium EDTA added in the last part of the stage two in circulation is to remove any calcium that may have blocked the brain's regeneration, dead tissues or the other ones and that might be considered if we look at iodine later, such as sodium iodide preferably, in removal of scar tissue of collagen in nature. However, that's not the priority, but calcium seems to interfere with brain's regeneration. Therefore, the EDTA I used is till quite low by many standards, the dose I used is likely t be closer to 10 mg -20 mg dissolved in a fruit juices, along with magnesium chloride and DMSO. It's added only once a day. The dose is quite low as you see, it's just given just enough that there is not excessive calcium formation as well as to remove toxic heavy metals, which generally cause the epileptic seizure to begin with. The EDTA may be given only briefly and near the end of stage two. The stage two will last awhile longer roughly, 3-4 weeks, I can't be precise. And during the last week, such as 3rd or 4th week of stage 2 is the EDTA given and only one week and might extend into the stage 3 of the remedy. I just give enough again just to do the job.

The third stage is the last stage and requires rebuilding ot brain cells. Certain blockages in the brain that prevent their regeneration could be several. To make things simple at this stage, hydergine and nootropil is given only once every two or three days. The child needs his rest period and can't be given too much. It's again dissolved in fruit juices to make consuming perhaps easier, using the straws of course. The dose is calculated on the basis of per weight, using the 120 pound adult taking a standard dose of hydergine and nootropil. The third supplements I used is likely to be the lithium carbonate, powder, 1-2 mg per dose which at very low dose helps neural growth. The calculation is based on the WEIGHT of the lithium carbonate at 1-2 mg, NOT the elemental lithium calculation. So obviously the dose is actually lower than the 1-2 mg if calculated on elemental lithium basis. This stage will require a longer period, roughly 3 months.

The remedy at the present isn't so complete, because I was not able to obtain a 100% recovery, but in any case, the parents are extremely happy (more like delirously happy) at their child's recovery anyway as the child has much mental development in talking, seeing, listening and motor activity.


06/13/2009: ZePaul from South Atl, GA replies: "Could I use Magnesium Oxide or sea salt for stage 1"

06/14/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Magnesium oxide is very poorly absorbed that's it's worthless. It has the same water solubility as a most rocks we see on the roads. Only a magnesium chloride would do, as it is central to the healing. Marketers sell this product as "magnesium oil" however some people get their mangnesium chloride from a fish aquarium shops (those little fishes have all the luck!) and then you add 20% distilled water (reverse osmosis) to the magnesium chloride to get a supersaturated solution of magnesium chloride (a.k.a. magnesium oil). A sea salt doesn't have enough magnesium for the dose and has calcium which doesn't help.

It SHOULD be noted that central to healing issue which will be important later on the late stage 1 or stage 2 is the spastic and ataxia condition. The DMSO dose may increase anywhere from 3- 9 drops per dose taken three or times a day. Glycine has some effects on reduction of spastic fairly quickly but the dose appears closer to 100-250 mg to do the job. Some tweaking is needed, higher/lower dose by monitoring spastic conditions. Glycine takes about 10-20 minutes to see the effect after taking them. Other forms of glycine has different effects on the neurological system, but plays more important role on the brain such as dimethylglycine and trimethylglycine.

It should be noted that the three stage issue is a rough guideline. In between stage 1 and stage 2 is that delicate balancing act and additionals supplements, and sometimes I tane to have 4 stages, which are detoxification, balance, circulation and building (or rebuilding). But that's my view generally speaking. The balancing acts are performed when we added additional supplements to help with detoxification, additional supplements that reduces more detoxification and additional supplements that corrects certain deficiencies. As a double jeopardy is the issue of mercury vaccination, which I seen too often in cerebral palsy too, and hence chelation is the other issue that's needed to be concerned BEFORE the rebuilding of neural tissues too. Of course, the hospital's practice does not generally inform the parents of mercury tainted vaccintions, or MSG (monosodium glutamate) being added at the first weeks in the hospital. So you have to know that methyl mercury in vaccines are the most toxic forms of mercury there is. Hence, chelation therapy may eat a lof ot time during cerebral palsy.

It's said that some parents treat their children with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, this isn't helpful if the child has even a spastic condition. It would seem DMSO can reach targeted areas better if circulation are blocked by calcium (which is often the case) and hence a very low dose disodium EDTA, pH buffered or a tetrasodium EDTA are some possibilities to restore circulation. A spastic conditon gets worse the longer the child has a of activities. This condition occurs because the circulation or detoxification of the liver is possibly impaired. The other issue is some doctors say cerebral palsy is caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) during delivery, but my experience has been that mothers had an infection during the delivery and that's how the problem really got started. Fever is therefore seen during the delivery due to the infection which tends to cause problems as in cerebral palsy.


06/25/2009: ZePaul from Atlanta, GA replies: "could I take Lithium Aspartate when I get to stage 3?"

06/25/2009: Susan from Huntington Beach, CA replies: "I was reading the back and forth posts between Ted and this poster about cerebral palsy. What surprised me is that the poster has never once thanked Ted for his lengthy responses. Freaken rude!!"

10/11/2009: Zepaul from South Atl, Ga replies: "can lithium Orotate be used instead of lithium carbonate?"

02/07/2010: Z-block from Ga, Usa replies: "A few months ago you gave me an elaborate outline for a cerebral palsy remedy you used on a patient & I am planing on starting the 4 step process you gave me. I was able to find most of the products needed for it but I could not find lithium carbonate powder which is needed at the end.

Would magnesium oil in liquid or Powder be best because I want to take the correct amount & not take too much I dont really understand when you say 70 % Mg Chloride (how many Tablespoons or ml of Mg is needed)

I may not need Methelyne blue because I have a milder form of CP than the guy you worked on.

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04/09/2009: Alfred Barron from Ransit, Thailand writes: "Ted:
We can cure the Kid on my Block..
He is 5 years old and has CP.
Our reference will be...Your Knowlege....The Book "The golden Seven Plus One, By C.Samuel West

His Quote Session 1 Page 11..Item 12..Scientific Fact: the Sodium-Potassium pump is the rotation of the sodium single positive ions(Na+1) and the Potassium single positive icon(K+) in and out of the cell , which generates the electrical Field produced by the Life process of the cell.. The main purpose of this pump is to bring potassium, calcium, iron,glucose, and other minerals and nutrients into the cell and to pull any excess sodium out of the cell. This is the key to the Life process and the Electricicaal engergy prodcued by healthy cells.
Ted one more book..Super Foods by Steven Pratt,MD & cathy matthews..
Ted Your a very busy person..I know you can save this Kid.
My Best

04/12/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The general method of approach for cerebral palsy is often to normalize electrolytes first, in particular is the sodium potassium and magnesium. Magnesium is peculiarly important. Alkalizing the brain is an important part as this is how the brain heals and regenerate itself. When this is added with methylene blue and some ribose sugar after small amount of chelation of heavy metals. Usually the brain will regenerate. It is important that the blood cells do not stick to each other and hence amino acid such as serine, and ornithine appears promising amino acid. Usually cells regenerate itself when there is sufficient electrical potential being build up, as in exercise and vibrational therapy as in whole body vibration. Electrolytes is one mentioned but electrical potential is also created through electrical charge differences between the body and the stomach and this can also be measured using Dr. Robert Becker's method of measuring electrical potential differences. Stem cells can be created with just a proper mix of colloidal silver and colloidal gold also. That's where Dr. Robert Becker discovered stem cells on people on bone fractures after a silver laced bandages was placed. Sea salt may also create some electrical potential differences more so than common table salt. When the brain is more alkalized there is more oxygen into the brain. DMSO may reach parts of the brain that's inaccessible, but a milder therapy that can be taken at larger dose includes MSM. Certain nutrients essential are taurine, possibly glutamine, vitamin B complex, some vitamin C and fish oil.
Exercise is helpful such as swimming and certain exercise so that the brain much like a person who had to walk again needs to practice after a brain concussion. The approach would be similar.

If I have time I will write a small remedy for cerebral palsy, as I also have no inquiries on cerebral palsy at the moment, so just catching up with backlogged emails are my main focus at the moment!"

04/16/2009: Paul from South Atlanta, GA replies: "Good info, I'm 21 & I have mild cerebral Palsy, I currently am taking Zinc to balance my hormones & I want to start taking Magnesium-Calcium pills.

I need to know what would be the main nutrients to use for CP?"

04/16/2009: Jen from Tully, New York replies: "My daughter is 10 and has CP she is spastic diplegic. I am curious to know more about home remedies. Ive read through what was written. I understand what was said about the ACV but not the last bit, is there a way to perhaps explain it more more lamen terms that I might understand better? Any help and suggestions would be great. Her muscles are so tight physical therapy is not working any more. She seems more confused and tired every day falling asleep in school even though she gets plenty of sleep."

04/18/2009: Debbie from Port Orange, FL replies: "I too would like to hear more about what Ted has to say about CP. My daughter is 9 and also has spastic diplegia. I too did not understand completely what was being said above. I look forward to more discussion about this. Thanks!!"

04/19/2009: Suriya from Pathumthani, Thailand replies: "My son age 5years borned with a Cerebral palsy with no Oxygen at birth. Stayed at the hospital for 2months with Oxygen. Till now we can only do therapy massage for him as there is no cure to help him to be better condition. Right now he can start sitting but with our security watch. He could talk a lot because of taking Pig cell and Sheep cell and we saw improvement but still the physical is no change much with a SPASTIC.

Please suggest what and how to cure my son.

Thank you very much,

05/20/2009: ZePaul from South Atl, GA replies: "What is the best supplement to get for the highest amount of potassium?

I want to start taking potassium but it doesn't make sense to only take 99mg if you don't get near the RDA, Plus I cant afford 3-5 bananas daily

potassium &magnesium is good for Mild Cerebral Palsy which I have"

05/20/2009: Rob from Manhattan, New York replies: "there are a couple brands of Coconut water out in the groceries... they have around 650mg of potasium per glass... However a little pricey... but a great drink when you feel faint in the heat of the summer...saved me a couple times.."

03/10/2010: Val from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Is it possible to contact Ted in Bangkok? I have been looking after an orphan child, who is 6 now, for three years. He has cerebral palsy...can't walk or sit up..though can speak quite well now...This took a long time. I am desperately searching for a way to help him.I am sure with the right help he could have a bright future.I don't know where to find the remedies Ted mentions here in Bangkok. I think with Ted's help we could do wonders for this little boy. val"
EC: Hi Val, you can contact Ted via email:

03/11/2010: Vab from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Many thanks for that contact email. Val"