I certainly hope that I will post some new pictures today after I wake up.

In case you wondering ---- ahhhh Matty is "nagging" me for bed....hahaha...and you all thought that me, the wife was the only one to nag.

I need to go. :P Maybe we will catch up on that Beltaine issue we need to resolve.

But before I go I just wanted to mention that I posted an interesting topic on Willows blog. also, i do need to get a post started on my slug. What a beautiful slug it was, hopefully still is. Man, Slug if you are out there, I am REALLY SORRY. I can only hope that if you aren't here you are in another plane. I need to be more mindful of where it is I stomp my feet down.

Til I wake up...I hope everyone has a good day. aaaa yaaa aaaa yaaaa aaaaa ya a ya!