Last night my husband dreamed of being inside a house that was old and dusty. There were dead bodies laying around everywhere. The only people alive were Matty and myself. I was trying to calm him by telling him he needed to take off his clothes and go outside to get the water hose. At which point we were outside while Matty was taking his clothes off so he could be cleansed from the water shooting out of the hose. After he shares this dream with me, I of course have my routine for waking up which includes drinking coffee and checking my e-mail. Which brings me to this picture here I received from my best friend Kris in the West. I absolutely love this picture. It energizes me and makes me very happy. For the past week and a half I had been visualizing myself back in the 1980's with my family at the Tennessee Worlds Fair of 84' ( I believe that to be the date.) Though with this memory I would have a very specific picture in my mind, that of myself plating in a water fountain barefoot. Everytime I see the image and feel the memory I am instantly strong again. So I am posting this because as accordance with my thoughts = my husbands dream ( breaking through/past /beyond the Illusions through the cleansing/birthing/creation of water) =This fabolous picture. Child, young, non-illusioned, seeing beyond the veil, in tune, water, love, life. This picture couldn't have come at a better "time".