There is a story to my birthday of course. As though the Creator is forever trying to humble my cranky, dictator, nazi mom ass :P

The day started like any other day, however my mind was filled with thoughts of others from the past. Others as in other people. Visions of my ancestral line, thoughts of those yet to come into existence because of my creation.

I also thought of all other Libra's that I know, or those that I once knew who no longer walk the Earth. Which brought to the forefront of my mind little Korbin who was taking his journey into this world. Slowly but surely he would arrive in the physical on this very day of September 29th. (which is funny now that I think about it...for how long have I been seeing 9:29 on the clock, etc) Perhaps Korbin was why.

(Um Matthew's incessant clicking on his mindcraft computer game just whooshed all thoughts out of my brain.)

Carrot cake was never created unfortunately. So sad as that is the ONE thing I look forward to once a year. I know I know it's okay, I can bake it this weekend right?! Humble me Creator humble me.

At 5pm'ish I had a visitor. My friend Amanda whom I've known since we were weeeee young. She came in bearing gifts. Here they are

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 022_large.jpg)

Nooooo, not the salad :P But the Ammonite and tiger eye necklace and matching bracelet. LOVE IT!

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 042_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 044_large.jpg)

Okay so where was I? Oh that's right bitching and nagging at my husband for repeatedly clicking that mouse so rapid like. I can't think. I'm also nursing a cranky little Yaddo bean at the moment so bear with my blogging.

She (Amanda) also brought me an amazing incense. Ohhhh it's absolutely divine. Smells straight from India.

Now, I don't have a photo of this but prior to my birthday my dear sweet friend Fanny ( I love her) brought me an i pod music card for my shuffle. <3 <3 <3 Can we use those while blogging? Hank Moody would loathe it so that I added little hearts.

Okay... where am I?

After Amanda brought her gifts we headed out to Findlay to pick up something that I had won on ebay for myself. I was so excited that this is why the cake was not baked. While in Findlay the girls were hungry so we stopped for food. How I desperately wanted Japanese food but the girls were cranky so my birthday meal was Denny's :*(

(Creator humble me.)

So while at Denny's an hour away from home, Yaddo spills an entire drink all over Elish. :*( Poor Elish!!!!

Did I for this one time only pack extra clothes? NO! Of course I always pack extra clothes and we NEVER need them! So the Universe JUST had to prove me wrong on my thinking that I wouldn't need to take the time to do that.

Elish was then stuck for the remainder of the dinner in a very long hoodie. it covered her legs as well, thank goodness., poor baby.

After dinner I wanted to stop by the hospital to see my friends and their beautiful new baby. Now there is a photo....let me see if it's in my e-mail hold on.

Nope the photo isn't there. Ohhh but I will post it when Rudy sends it. :D

I LOVED seeing my friends and their new baby!!! My eyes just teared up while holding him. I just loved holding him. Which if y'all know me, that's a dangerous thing. No more kiddos universe not with the state of the world right now. Four are plenty and my hands are full being teacher, mom, wife. I had originally wanted nine children, however my body cannot take that. I did decide that night however that when we are financially able to do so I will adopt another baby. :D

Here are the rest of my presents. :)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 058_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 059_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 061_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 062_0_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 067_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 069_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 076_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 077_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/09-30-2010 079_large.jpg)

Okay, guys, that's it for now. Since this is hosted on our own server and our own website etc I had to upload these photo's in a very concocted way which took me an hour. I NEED to go lift weights. I am sooooo tired, but it's weight lifting day and I just become extremely aggravated when it does not get accomplished. (Creator humble me)

Hope you all have a good night!