Feeling kind of creeped out due to an end 'time' dream I had this morning.

The dream is hard to describe. Though the only person to be physically seen in the dream was Elish, and she was so cute too, the best part of the dream! She was older in the dream, about the age of one. It was nice to see her as in 'real' time we're anxiously awaiting her arrival out of my womb.

She was sitting on the top bunk bed very happy with a big huge grin, playing with toys. She was so chubby and with lots of dark blonde hair. As I'm looking in on her and loving that she is my daughter, I am gripped with this feeling of impending doom. I run to the back of the house and look out our bedroom window only to see that the sky is changing. The clouds are white and fluffy but they are moving from East to West rapidly. I know something is wrong. It feels like one of my re-occuring dreams that I've had since childhood, but different. It's not the same scene as usual. I know that I must get Elish out of there, out of the girls room out of danger.

As I continue looking out the window about 200 yards away the sky takes on a spiraling motion. Everything is spiraling as it would going down a drain. The entire fabric of existence is becoming sucked into this invisible spiral.

I couldn't decide then and there in this dream time, which is more terrifying, the usual dream the re-occuring one, or this one. As with the re-occuring dream from the same 200 yards away there is a huge tornado and the sky changes, but from light to dark, with many comet type fire balls in the sky and just complete chaos. Also the re-occuring dream has a second part where to the East, which would be the side yard and not the backyard, comes a red spiral galaxy and when this comes, there is no fear only AWE. The stars quickly change constellation and lock into a new grid. But that is the old re-occurring dream. This one, with the fabric of time being sucked into an invisible spiral was....just so different, yet almost felt the same.

As I said, When the dream started and Elish was on the bed and the impending doom feeling came, my higher self said, "here we go again", that's why I fully expected to go to the back of the house to the garage door and try to shut the door, as I did in all the others. So when I went to our bedroom window, I knew something was going to be different right away.

Back to the sequence of the present dream: I run into the bedroom and get Elish off of the bunk bed. I also get Matthew, Willow and Autumn though I cannot see them physically I know that they are following my lead. I might mention that I can not see myself either, not from any perspective.

We run out of the house through the back door to the garage, instead of closing the garage door we open it and run out towards the invisible suction. As we are running to get away from it, yes I did say to get away from it, even though my higher self is directing us towards it, there appears a great river in the field behind the house. The River is flowing from West to East and we are running North towards the spiral. Yet this River, that has never existed before to my knowledge on this land, is calling to us. The River is clean and dark blue, so beautiful. I tell my family with no words that we must go under the waters. We do, and once in the waters there is this white bus, there are actually other people on this bus. My higher self guides us to the bus and it was as if the driver was expecting us.

That's it, I woke up. This dream must have occurred between 9 and 10 am. I don't know because the Alarm clock was blinking 12:01. I do know that I was telling Matty about the dream at 11:ish.

So ... yes there you have it, my blog is gone after waking from that dream. I'm just in a bit of awe, that after 30 years the dream has changed.

Matthew reminds me that we are in Mercury Retrograde.