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I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. As Matty has posted over at fated to end, I hope that we all gave thanks to the Native Americans for their continuing to allow us to live on their lands and for feeding our ancestors from Europe. Without the Natives would the Europeans have survived the winter? (I'm not referring to Celts and Scandinavians.)

So, where am I? Ah not awake yet even though I'm almost finished with my coffee.

Yesterday was the most unusual Thanksgiving that I've ever had. Now I'll admit I've had a very shitty Thanksgiving before, like the time I was in a serious relationship and the break up had lasted for almost near a month which left me sad displaced and crying like a baby for Thanksgiving 1997. :( That tops them ALL!!! Thanks to you btw~ yeah like you'll ever read this! :P

I've had Thanksgivings where I have followed Matty around the French Quarter as he would give his Ghost tour. By all means those weren't shitty. :P I love his ghost and cemetery tours!!! I miss them so much!

More often than not in the most recent past I have shared my Thanksgiving with either Matty's family or Rudy and Tracy.

We did share a Thanksgiving with Mat's boss Sidney once. It was a great party and luckily we left when we did. Apparently there was a young, I think 18 year old who showed up later. What was the problem with that you ask? Well her plan was to get naked for Matty because she wanted to steal him away from his family. Like I said luckily we left early. I really didn't want to send someone to the hospital in front of my girls. Yes I have a bad temper when it chooses to rear it's head. We shared the remainder of our Thanksgiving with Rudy and Tracy.

So this year was unusual. What was happening? What was going on? Who knew until it was four o'clock in the evening?! Not us apparently. Was grandma coming, would I see my brothers? Was I going to be able to bring my mother a turkey dinner plate to the nursing home and spend time with her? Were we getting a cooked turkey dinner from the local Meijer because our oven bottom heating element is out? It all remained in the air.

Turns out Meijer had given us the run around even though we checked in with them every hour on the hour. My brothers, I dunno what they did? My grandma, turns out, she thought we were going to New York, where she got that idea from I dunno? Maybe because we have gone to New York for Thanksgiving practically every year since we moved here. However thanks to Matty's boss needing him for black Friday one of the previous years, that was a total blow anyway, we missed one of the most important Thanksgivings ever in new York. It would be the last Thanksgiving any of us would have with his step father Peter. :(

So.... Here we were in limbo not knowing what was going on. By 4:30 p.m. we are really hungry. You know as we had tried to hold off because we were waiting for the Meijer precooked dinner.

We ended up getting in the car and shooting out into town to see what was open. I had previously joked with Rudy and Tracy, saying that I would be taking my family out to Chinese for this years Thanksgiving. That was again the back up plan had my family decided for sure that Thanksgiving would be hosted by Matty and I. Like I said we were waiting on the 93 year old matriarch to make that call.

Okay...moving along. So we stopped over to the Golden Coral as we noticed cars in the parking lot. Ah but of course they were just closing. I felt like that family from the movie A Christmas Story, you know the boy with the red rider bb gun.

We drive around town which was a ghost town, only to end up back home Googling for the nearest Denny's. Because as I recalled, I believe that I had a Thanksgiving at a Denny's one year with a group of friends. As I remember it, it was a great time and good food too.

So the nearest Denny's is in Findlay. We go!

Ah we get there and it happens to be a cool 5o's diner Denny's. Sweet!

We order the Turkey dinner. As I'm eating mine I notice a black hair on my turkey smothered with gravy. The black hair was like Pubic texture! Gross! Right so being pregnant I'm grossed out now. And especially because it took me back to a previous experience where I had the same kind of thing happen. BARF! If it were any other kind of looking hair I think I could deal with it.

So I show the waitress and I order something completely different. A double cheeseburger. Which by the way was fantastic. Either it really wasn't and I was just extremely hungry or it was the best damn double cheeseburger that I've ever tasted.

Of course me being me, I ask the waitress to please tell the cook that I'm not angry, but that I just was grossed out and that I understand that these things happen.

By the end of the meal the girls were extremely hyper! We drove home which was like a forty five minute drive. I was so thirsty that when I came inside I drank two glasses of water and that sent me straight into the yuckies. So I had to go lay down for the rest of the night.

All in all it was a good Thanksgiving because I was with my Matty and the girls. So I was happy regardless of what could have, should have, would have been.

Tell me your Thanksgiving stories.