What's up here? Well, we took the girls trick or treating already. Yes I know it's early, but that's the way the laws operate here. Not to mention that trick or treat is 3pm to 5pm in our neighborhood:( So we took them out to Amanda's mom's neighborhood. I used to hang out there with Amanda when I was young so I don't feel bad about going into a different neighborhood. Trick or treat times there were actually in the evening after dusk.

Autumn was a Devil, Willow a black kitty and Elish a Tiger. We did hand made costumes and it worked out really well. We were getting compliments all night. I didn't see any other hand made costumes on our streets this year. Oh we took Guinness too, he was Scraps from the Corpse Bride! EVERYONE loved that!!! :D No pics though because the Camera cord has been missing for over a month now. :(

(This typing might be cut short because I just laid Elish down and now the girls are running up and down the hall.)

Mom's here in our city. She's real close and in a great facility. I had to bring her some new clothes as the last nursing home "lost" all of her belongings. I mean everything, even her teeth!
All the clothes, toys, jewelry, anything that any of us had ever bought for mom was GONE! So I'm glad she's here. I had to try all of her clothes on her of course to make sure that they fit her. Everytime we put on a different top or pants she would say "Thanks Mom that's so nice of you, your such a nice mom." And she wasn't saying it as in ref to me being the mother of her grand daughters, she was calling me her mom. So Willow continued to correct her the entire time. I think it was wearing on Willow's nerves that mom insisted I was her mother.

Grandma, mom's mom is planning on coming here for Christmas. It will be good to see her actually because she's going to be 92! DANG she's one tough ol' lady! There may not be much time left so this might be the last time we see her. Something tells me it's really not though and that she's going to be here for at least the marked "end of the world."

If we had plans to go anywhere for Christmas I don't think we would have been able to do it with Mat's crappy pay from the puter shop. We will be 2 months shy of him working there for two years this November with no raise and he runs the store!!! SUCK!

My brother Nic and I are back in sync somewhat, I'd still like to see him more. Maybe sometime soon.

(The girls are fighting over a rocking chair loud while Elish is sleeping.)

Um, I can't focus, too much noise I'm afraid will wake her.

Anyway I love you all, have to run out there.