I want all of you bloggers out there to know...I do enjoy comments.

If you have come across my blog and you took the time to read it...please do me a favor and leave a word or two.

And PLEASE BE HONEST!....No wishy washy. Just post it!

Now I know you are not mindless drones. While you read thoughts swirl in your mind. In your spirit....whatever you would like to call it...I have a head cold right now so I can't get into what it is that I am trying to express as well as I would like to. That always pisses me off. I am big on communication. Without it...shit even with it things become twisted. So....sigh...what is it that I am trying to convey..I have to laugh at myself...such a double edged sword. Come on already can't we just get on with it and transcend this craziness confusion manipulation and false communications. If we were all vibrating to the correct tone we would be able to know who is what and what their truths were....no guessing games. No games period....just truths. Grrrr....my head needs to rest. I hate to say I must go. Though I do want to go check out a blog. There have been a few people who have left comments. I 've checked out one blog. now I must go to airspaced and leave some commentary...I must admit I cruised some of his blog but was distracted by my little ones...so off I go to not be a hypocrite.
He's got a damned good blog.****http://www.blogger.com/profile/3591463

So does http://www.blogger.com/profile/6504021 another one of my commenters.