My husband received in his horoscope today a message in reference to not eat Crows. We (as in he and I.) had never heard of the saying before. Simultaneously while just pondering on such message and what it means... a Crow spoke to us just outside our bedroom window.

Now you may say to yourself...self : "that is just coincidence that, that crow was there...I always here Crows where I live." ----- Well let me tell you...Here where I live, we don't hear Crows everyday...We never hear any birds for that matter.
Okay so that isn't rue....We here Roosters and that is it... Hence why we don't hear any other birds.
Did you know that Roosters perch up in the trees? It's true.

So for us to hear a crow when we have not heard one for over a year now...And especially to hear it while reading his horoscope message....Well...
Spirit is telling me/us something.... Now had this been in the days of the old ways I would know exactly what Crow was telling me-- I would speak with Crow-- we would understand each other with a different form of language.
Heh...and I DON'T mean like that pet psychic crock that they have on t.v. ( that's my pespective on the crap box they call t.v.

Back to the Crow
This Crow....Crow came to us with an important message. You see...last night my husband posted a very important blog
As this blog was all we could think about while reading his horoscope :

"Eating crow is never tasty, and you've never been especially good at it. But you may receive information today that will force you to take a great, big bite. Could be that a higher-up you were sure was plotting something against you from behind the scenes has really been doing just the opposite -- and not just working for you, but trying to be a guardian angel. Don't expose the secret just yet. Wait and see if they come to you first. "

It may have taken some thinking on my end....but thanks to being able to blog out my thoughts...I understand now....

...too much caffiene is running through my veins and I cannot type fast enough to keep up with the swirling thoughts in my minds eye.

As all of these connections were linking...the blog...the horoscope...the Crow speaking to husband was downstairs.... I bravely opened up his blog that I had not yet read. Just as I had gotten through the disclaimer....The Crow cawd right by the bedroom Window once more.

I understood then that he was REALLY trying hard to communicate to/with us. I needed to understnad myself in that moment....let this illusion we call time stand still and listen to the Rain...the Wind...the Trees...the Roosters....the Creepy Crawlies... the pulse of all that was surrounding me by our Mother Nature...

So I did.**