My friends Kris and Stephanie work out at curves in Arizona. Something that I tried to do while we lived in New Orleans, unfortunately the specifc Curves I looked into didn't have hours of operation that were condusive to my family's lifestyle and time. I did end up joining a regular gym and LOVED every minute of working out before I became pregnant with our second little cutie. Well, anyway I was reading my friends bloggers tonight and becoming depressed that I don't belong to a gym or fitness center. Those of you who read my blog know why. Again it's all about time and not driving.

Yes yes there are home gyms but for my C.p. I need something more involved. But those of you who read this or know about my C.P. understand my needs. Sooooo....anyway....

I was just here tinkering on line looking up info on Curves, it's history etc. Here's what impresses me.

"Curves founders Gary and Diane Heavin announced shortly after hurricane Katrina
hit that they would match donations up to $1,000 per club from their Curves
franchisees. More than 2,700 Curves franchises from 8 different countries responded
by collecting and donating just under $1.5 million. The Heavins are matching just
over $1.5 million, to bring the total to an even $3 million.

“Giving back to the community is something we and our franchisees feel very strongly
about, and we’re proud to join with them and with our members to help,” said Curves
founder and CEO, Gary Heavin. So many people were affected—the worst natural
disaster in American history—and we are hoping that this money will be a blessing to
those most in need.”

"we knew that providing new homes could absolutely impact lives. Home really is where the heart is, and so many people had the heart ripped out of them by the hurricanes. It feels good to help
them get it back.”

That's it for tonight, just wanted to share.