I find this quite interesting....As something has been nagging me to write about dandelions ever since I wrote a post on the little dying Bee. I however failed to listen to myself and post my story about Dandelions and how they make me happy. So today, when I head over to one of my favorite sites, I chuckle, when I see the Dandelions. Of course being a Libra I then debate on whether or not I should post about them. Then I tell myself, well, yes go on post....You have been wanting to for weeks, so perhaps this is your kick in the butt to do so.

During my childhood while in elementary school, when the recess bell would ring, off I would go outside. Ahhh outside. I loved it whether it were rain or shine made no difference to me. However, on sunny days when the clouds were just right, I would walk far out away from the playground area, past the baseball diamonds to the open field. There in that field I would be so happy. For it was full of Dandelions. I would lay down in the Dandelions and smell the tangy essence of the grass blades. I would pick some Dandelions and study the shapes of the different petals. So many small petals would make such a beautiful bright happy "weed" as the adults like to call them.

I loved the Dandelions. Being away from the other children, at peace with the sky, the clouds, the dirt, the Earth. Picking some grass blades and chewing on them as I clutched my Dandelions in my hand and gazed up at the formations the clouds were making for my eyes to see. Ah it was such a treat. So magical, so surreal, like a wonderful fantasy world just for me. Nothing mattered at that time, nothing but the oneness I felt with Nature.