3:00 pm and I just woke from a dream.

I am going to post the dream now.

Suddenly out of the depths of dark sleep I am in a backyard somewhere It is dark outside, it is night time. I am with Shaun and someone else... Someone I don't know but do know. Though I cannot see this person I know that they are there sitting at the white plastic table with us. I sense that something is not right. I know that I am dreaming as the perspective is from my first person view as well as my higher selves view. Higher self view means that I can also see everything that is going on from an elevated state. Like a crow sitting in a tree. I also have my higher self speaking to me in my mind. As well as my own thoughts. Around the corner of this house that we are sitting in the backyard of, comes this Electronic piece of something no bigger than the palm of a hand but shaped more like a runner's baton. It is floating through the yard towards us. We are sitting around the table. The white table. No one that was within my company appeared to see this thing floating at us. As I watch it my senses heighten, everything around me seems to slow down but go fast.

(I imagine that it must be like the effects of taking psychedelic drugs....But I know that this means it is an event I need to remember, as when that happens to me in the waking world it usually indicates a truth is being shown to me.)

I tell Shaun..But his name is now coming out as Tony..."Tony GET DOWN!"
It (the device is coming closer to him and it is spraying out this liquid ..
but I know this liquid is poison. It is spraying out like a water sprinkler. Coming closer and closer to Tony/Shaun.

I leap on top of this Tony Shaun with animal like ability, Stealth and precise. Balancing like a gargoyle on all fours crouching over top of his body as he is still sitting in his chair. I feel very poweful, smart, brave and fearless. Im trying to rip his t-shirt of off him with an urgency. I know that this t-shirt must come off. It is a black tshirt with red writing and a picture.... I want to say there is some sort of red outline of an animal in a circle on his shirt. I yell out.."Shit man shit man don't fucking touch it don't let it touch you!"

Now my memory gets a little hazy right at this point.

It is still dark out, I am somewhere else outside.
There are apartment buildings that look identical to one another all around.
I see Monique and she has a clipboard. At this point my higher self warns me with a flash memory about a dream that my old friend/foe Elliot once had about an Evil Mother Carrying a clip board and riding a horse.) My higher self tells me that this message is imperative.
I look at Monique and she knows what I know. Just by looking at her we are both aware of this link in our minds.

Its in the eyes.

I enter an apartment. There is a female and two males in this apartment. The female has brown hair and one male has blonde hair. The other male cannot be seen but yet he can be, he is there yet he isn't there. The female and two males have a jerk off college attitude. I say to the male and female sitting on the couch..."That's my dog". They tell me it is not. I am now pissed off, that IS my dog. The Poison spitting electronic device from the beginning of the dream is what actually alerted me to my dog. I cannot explain it other than that. SO I say."Guinness!" and he comes barreling off the couch to me. The college kids don't like that at all.
They tell me to prove that Guinness is my dog. With my mind to their minds I tell them "This is my dog and if you don't let me walk out of here with him there is going to be trouble." So Mr.Blonde college asshole guy says with his mind,"prove that he is your dog." Without speaking I show them the green paint upon Guinnesses back hip and in turn they say "Yeah so." I then point to the walls. I say look there. They could see the white paint on the walls start to fade away. Beneath the walls was green turquoise paint. I said "This is where I used to live I painted these walls, This is my dog and we are going home."
The college attitude Mr.Blonde male tries to stop me. In Walks Monique with her clipboard. I say "Monique tell them that Guinness is my dog." She does, but with her mind. The college attitude male and female get a look of disgust upon their faces. Guinness and I walk out.

Then I am in the French Quarter, It is dark outside. The streets are full of disgust. I see Monique...She is walking across the street to my left. I run across the street and she is with some little blonde nerdy girl with frizzy hair. I grab Monique's arm...She is wearing a little black mid driff shirt with cute little pants that are also black. I say to Monique while grabbing her arm with a firm grip..
"How does a girl like you who just had a baby a couple of days ago manage to look like this." I grab her sweater type coat that she is wearing for warmth to reveal that she looks like a size 12 at least. The little nerdy frizzy blonde girl with glasses was looks up at Monique and I can read it in her mind. She says "Your going to take this crap?" Monique says to me. Answering the question I asked in regards to how she looks like a size twelve. "Do you really want to know,then you have to follow me." I feel tough as hell so fuck it I follow her into a building that has a wide doorway. Wide like car garage wide. There are these red velvet curtains blowing out into the wind from this doorway making it impossible to see into the building until actually inside.

Once inside I am moving through this building scoping it out. It was dark and strange, there are lots of people inside. Monique takes me down a hallway and there is a door and we step inside and inside there is this circus. We sit down. We are sitting in bleachers. I sit beside Monique she is to my left. The mousy nerd girl is on the opposite side of Monique. I am not looking at this circus ever,just keeping my eyes on Monique and blatantly. When here comes that device from the beginning of the dream. It is coming straight up to monique as we are mid way in the bleachers. It floats, sails, levitates what ever you want to say, all the way up till it reaches Monique being parallel with her face. Then these tentacle things came out from it they are white... Moving and flailing like a snake would. They are stretching out long and it looks like they are headed straight for her mouth when this light comes beaming out from the center of the device...It is beaming forward at her just like the tentacles are moving in the same direction..But this beam of light is steady and it is blue. Pale blue. She grabs my hand and in a whirl like swirl we become sucked into this devices center.

I am now in a strange little room with Monique and this little blonde frizzy haired nerd. There are others in this room as well. It is very tiny in this room and there are stairs leading up. We are beside the stairs as they are to our left. We are facing a little box like check in desk that you would see in a hotel. The desk appears dark and very freak show like. I am mindful of everything around me from my perspective and my higher selves perspective. Suddenly without a thought or a warning I jump on top of the little frizzy mousy haired girl with glasses. I jump on her with all fours as she is sitting on a crate like palette on the floor.
I am now on all fours and I have done it with such quick stealth that no one could have stopped me. I perch on top of her ready to move again with stealth if I need to...She is terrified. I rip the glasses of off her face as my neck allows me to stretch down right into her face, I am nose to nose with this girl. She is now laying on her back on this pallet as my tip toes are on her breast cavity. Still on all fours. I am grabbing her by her shirt with my right hand and I tell her in a deep low and slow tone that she doesn't know who she is fucking with. That what she has done to Monique is going to cost her and cost her with her life. I tell her she is a little piece of shit sickness and I hit her. I see blood trickle from her nose and then with stealth like movements I bit her head off. I get up off of her and I am calm and everyone in the room looks terrified. All of the sudden I am in a room all by myself. A very small room no bigger than a closet. There is a light inside. The walls are made of cheap old wood that runs horizontal. I hear a chanting through the walls...A very powerful chanting.

"NAM MYO HO REN GE KYO" Only as it gets louder and closer to the walls, I realize that, that is not what was being said. My Higher self was trying to get me out of there. She said "Leave Brigitte leave now!" I can't leave, Iam trapped. The chanting is getting louder. The walls are starting to crumble, falling slowly...Dust is covering the air. Then, I can see The Chanters ... And they are chanting something horrible. They are not chanting what they made it out to be...It is all wrong. They are deliberately stealing the Buddhist Mantra and twisting it to horridness. They are now trying to come through the wall. I see they are these big Asian heads...With white masks on. The masks are Asian in design but powdery.
My higher self Shouts at me with a huge amount of Authority and Says "BRIGITTE GET OUT NOW!" I can see through my higher selves eyes that she is scanning the walls at break neck speed to find the way out for me. The wall behind me is falling...These Asian masked heads are now in the room as the wall behind me is falling out. I too fall, backwards through this wall and there is Monique. I grab her hand tightly and then I fly like Superman, though so fast it is not humanly possible. I fly out of the room where I bit the girls head off down a long hallway and out. Still holding Moniques hand. We stop. We are standing outside. It is not day nor night. She looks at me. She is awakened. She is now Monique. She is out of the illusion.

The dream is done and I wake instantly. My eyes just pop open. I do not move because as I wake in the room I here a mans voice. A low deep voice...Talking to me...He is telling me something important. He is crouched right next to the head of the bed talking right into my ear. I cannot make out what he is saying. Remember my eyes are OPEN! I can move if I choose to but I do not want to run this man off who is beside the bed talking to me. I see one of my daughters. Then my rational mind kicks in and says out loud "MAT?" He says "NO." Then I feel REALLY awake at that point. In my head I tell him to go on, that I am listening. But he stops talking. There is silence in the apartment. I turn and see my other daughter is fine. Then I hear a parade coming down the street outside. As I get up out of bed to log on to the computer so I can record this dream and the event with the man, I cannot help but think of how after having this dream, then talking to some Spirit in this apartment and waking up to a new Orleans carnival parade passing by my house is just to intense. Like the mystic voodoo feel of new Orleans visited me once more. Strange dreams as strange carnivals pass by...Messages being spoken in my ear....

New Orleans is the place where I am supposed to be right now at this exact moment.
Prior to all of this earlier in the afternoon around 1:30ish I was dreaming that I was posting three important messages onto the book of Thoth website. In the Dream I only was shown the posts after they were posted. And I could see each one at the same time. But only the bottom where I signed my name BRIGITTE in bold centered. I asked in my head to have the messages scrolled down so I could read them but I was then woken up. The first thing I did was call My husbands name...No answer..I called him again...No answer...I turned and looked toward the door where the bathroom light was shining... I called his name...No answer. I called his name again and more loud. As I was still out of it. He then says Im right here. He was right there sitting on the computer right in front of me but I couldn't see him the first few times I called his name. I was kind of peeved that he didn't answer me right away as he was just right there. So I asked him to come sit with me before he went to work. He did, and then when he left is when I went back to sleep to have the dream at the beginning of this post.