I was in a place like a hippie flea market. Desert like. Tapestries blowing in the wind separating the sellers little tables. A person whom I thought to be me was looking at all of the objects. I couldn't quite decipher if this person whom I thought was myself...

(it was as though I was inside of this persons body looking out from their eyes, as you would look from your own eyes now...The view you have is of your arms and hands ..Legs and feet.)

well so I assumed it was me.

I know, it's not a very good idea to assume.

Now you usually know in a dream right away if you are **you **no matter what you look like. how you are seeing yourself, whether you are standing next to yourself, standing across the room and watching yourself, floating off to the side and watching yourself....Whatever the case, even if you don't look like present 3D you, you usually know when it is you in the dream. So hence, my assuming that this persons body I was in was myself.

So here (my spirit is stuck in this body anyway) looking at these objects for sale in the market. I remember seeing some colored rods. They were green, dark but bright like emerald green stone with blue tips and the tips of these rods were circular and rounded. I know that there were more rods, but I don't remember their colors ...I do know that they were colorful.

I remember that I became angry....No one said anything to me... I had just become very angry while looking at the objects in the market. Then I/it started.....Aum came out of my mouth quietly and grew louder. Then More Auming like chanting and as I/this person I was in was chanting the Aum turned into a language I do not know. Phrases were billowing out of this person/my spirits mouth that I do not understand. But it felt Angry to me and it was so loud. And everyone in the market stopped and heard me/this person. Then a seller in the market of Asian decent scowled at me and,(he was standing in front of me but to the left and he was wearing a dark color...I cannot remember the color, just that it was dark. He also wore a scarf aound his for head colored possibly in a blood red...

(I cannot remember to well. I see it all in my minds eye right now, though the colors are on the tip of my tongue....Strange how this is working ...That I can see it all right now replaying somewhere yet my eyes are open and I am staring at the keyboard and the computer screen. As if I could tell you the colors right now but something is prohibiting me from doing so. )

well this man he said to everyone....Even though he was looking at me/this person I was in...He said." Forget it! It's all tainted now! ________ (enter the name he called me/the person I was in the blank line.) has ruined it! "
And he picked up the material things...The rods and started flinging them. As I/the person I was in was still yelling/chanting in another language very loudly. It was very overwhelming because as the chanting was going on it was like my/this persons voice/body was becoming overpowered by the chant itself. It was hard ..

(um er that's not the way to describe it.)

It was hard to keep the physical body from having jerking spasmadic movements. So then I /the person must have stopped....But I remember thinking

...(And not thinking this from the mind of the person I was in...But my own thought was above the dream...Out of the dream...Like I could see where my thought was and it was in nothingness)

...And it said to me...To the sleeping Brigitte in the bed here in this 3D..."whoa that is not like you to anger these people....It must be the Lapiz Lazuli."

I woke for a brief moment opened my eyes looked at my husband then went back to sleep.
As soon as I went back to sleep there I was ...But like me, myself. I felt like me. I was now about 10 yards in front of the market....The maket was behind me and disbanding, also there was a building between myself and the market now...a brick building...
One of the sellers came up to me and I noticed that now we were standing on grass as opposed to the desert. He said to me with a smile, that he had something he needed to give to me, as he pulled out a burlap material from a bundle of tapestries he was holding close to his chest. Before he handed it to me he was looking around to make sue no one saw us. He was a white man with blonde hair and we were somehow in some small structure when he was handing the burlap over to me. The structure was small like a gypsy wagon. Then right before he handed it over he opened it up, or rather runfolded it. Marked across this burlap tapestry was a darker brown image of a face. I took the burlap tapestry and when I did, I was no longer in the gypsy wagon. I was now outside with the grass at my feet and there was a paved road in front of me , the road was North to South/South to North. I was facing the setting Sun so that had to be West...and the road went the oppisite direction. Like I would have to cross the street to continue on westward. There was a car waiting for me....like a beat up old station wagon. It was facing North. There were friendly looking people inside that I must have known...but I didn't recognize them. They were smiling and happy to see me. They were tanned skin and dirty as in laboring dirty. They had tangled and naturally dreaded long blonde(like natural blonde)hair. I was also happy to see them and I felt a sense of urgency. So as I was making my way to the ,struggling with the burlap tapestry...there was the rod... laying in the grass before me....the green rod with the blue rounded circular ends. I was fumbling while bending over to pick it up....and again a voice said..."this is not like you it must be the Lapis Lazuli." Then I woke up.