Earth as Sentient Being / Communication / Open Search



It is for me no surprise that the Earth is alive and conscious of permanence. It therefore ?knows? an end within and without the totality of its existence. It might have been interesting to observe 10 billion healthy and spiritually advanced human brains united in terms of resonance at the global threshold of 40 Hz. You might understand that this is simply achieved upon 10 billion neurons within the brain of each human operating in concert with 10 billion brains thus creating the potential for another state of awareness that I suspect the Buddha, the Christ, the Mohammed, and Krishna, etc., may have been aware of and did in fact try to teach. It seems that this teaching has failed and so it is for the human race as a whole an error.

What is surprising to me is that the Earth is communicative and responsive to human awareness and there seems a startling sense of urgency to ?connect? very soon. I know the message here to be simple and direct meaning that you must tend the garden now or be tossed away from it.

I strongly feel that in spite of the incredible lack of Earth awareness and wanton destruction of what little human life support system there remains, any who should not give up and that stand for our Earth shall be recognized and blessed to live in the future post the coming wars, global changes, and outrageous governmental greed driven stupidity of the old Aeon.

It is agreed that we must now look to research involving genetic engineering, biological chemical engineering, human cloning, artificial intelligence, photonics, exotic and/ or occult technologies involving communications and access, time travel communication systems, and remote viewing, etc., to optimize survival via a strong communicative or true connection with the Earth as a sentient life form. We must be careful and cooperative with the Earth now or cease to exist. It may be required to transfer our consciousness into computers maintained at first by those engineers who further design independence. The carbon based unit as we are now is presently obsolete and should be replaced with silicone and further designed to facilitate transference into a machine that is less demanding of the current environment in which its life and evolution is only possible. The present physical evolution of the human body is at an end. Human DNA and other body specimens will be collected and preserved for future integration and reproduction post ?greening? of land mass Earth surface areas. The reseeding is also a planned process involving machines/ programmed computers, etc.

In order to achieve the transitory existence above we must observe and preserve what we can of the present ecosystem. There is little time to develop the required technology. If we do not stand for the Earth now and save what there is left, the human being will become extinct.