Tonight we had to go after some flies with the fly swatter. :( Now y'all know I don't like to hurt insects but whew they were getting on our nerves. I told Matty that it was a good thing that we weren't having the Dali Lama over for dinner. Well after one bit the dust Elish walked over to it, talking to it, picking it up and holding it on her little fingers. She was so happy, she thought she had a new little friend. Well I took her to the bathroom sink to wash her hands and as soon as she realized the little guy wasn't there she was in a state of awe. She said "where's the little guy." Which only Matty and I would understand as it's still in Elish language.

Elish and I went out into the kitchen where Matty hit another one down. Well Matty came into the bathroom to wash his hands and as I was talking to him, we heard Elish talking in a really sweet high pitched voice. Matty, from the bathroom, asks her if she was looking for the other little guy. She said yeah. So I go out into the kitchen and there she is squatting down looking at the floor. There was another little guy. She picked him up and started singing and was so happy. Dad called her into the bathroom where he tipped her hand towards the toilet. Oh man! The poor little girl. She was horrified that this little guy went in the big pot. Dad and I washed her hands and when we were done she immediately ran over to the pot and lifted the lid, looked in and then looked at Dad. The look she gave dad was fierce. Oh I forgot to mention that Matty flushed the toilet. She knows what that means. So she proceeded to put her hands to her face and cry. AWE!

Later we asked her, " Are you still sad about that little fly guy?" She looked horrified and sad and put her face into her hands and pouted.

That's as cute as the "Nug" story if y'all remember that. The slugs back in Nola.