Elish made me a drawing & explained how we have two brains a smaller one & a larger one. The larger communicating to the smaller one. (Bicameral mind) also she told me we have three hearts. In the Popol Vuh's creational myth there are three dieties in the celestial realm collectively called Tepeu the Hearts of Heaven. She is so in tune! <3 my little Elish!

Creation Myth

"The book begins with the creation myth of the K'ichee' Maya, which credits the creation of humans to the three water-dwelling feathered serpents:

There was only immobility and silence in the darkness, in the night. Only the Creator, the Maker, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, were in the water surrounded with light. They were hidden under green and blue feathers, and were therefore called Gucumatz...
and to the three other deities, collectively called "Heart of Heaven":

Then while they meditated, it became clear to them that when dawn would break, man must appear. Then they planned the creation, and the growth of the trees and the thickets and the birth of life and the creation of man. Thus it was arranged in the darkness and in the night by the Heart of Heaven who is called Huracán. The first is called Caculhá Huracán. The second is ChipiCaculhá. The third is Raxa-Caculhá. And these three are the Heart of Heaven."

My letter to Ellie,

Dear Ellie,

Ever since laying my eyes upon the childs drawing a few days back, I had this nagging desire to share two of my four year old daughter (Elish's) drawings with you. As I was perusing through her drawings to find the exact two for which I am speaking of, a sudden awe overtook me, when right before my eyes I was holding onto a drawing of hers that had a striking resemblence to that of the one you posted on your blog. I've attached that one here with some of the similarities highlighted between the two. Imagine this, two little girls across the country from one another, who do not know each other drawing such similar symbols around the same time (though I understand time is an illuson.) There of course our other symbols as well that you can see which are quite similar in the drawings, my husband Matthew felt that we didn't need to highlight and pick apart each one. Yes when I showed this to Matthew (an aquarius like you) he was not shocked or in awe. He looked at the two childrens drawings and told me that they are obviously tuned in. I don't know if anyone else has sent you similar drawings from their children yet, however something tells me that I shouldn't be surprised if your inbox has been flooded with them.

The other two drawings that I wanted to share are the one with the angry "Suns." My daughter explained to me that "these are two sons who are fighting." I asked her what they were fighting about and she said,"they are fighting over sandcastles that humans made and are now destroying them." The third one is amazing to me as well. Elish presented this picture to me about a week ago and I asked her what it was about. She proceeded to tell me that it was about, "Don't you know yet Mom? We have two brains. We have a little one and a big one that controls the little one." " And those are our three hearts." What gets me about this is that I just only yesterday watched a show called 2012 Mayan Prophesy. In this show they discuss the bicameral mind. As soon as they started discussing this I was in awe as my mind took me back to this drawing. You can see that the person she drew even resembles what could be an ancient Mayan. Just a note, like the person who sent you the e-mail of their grandaughter's drawing, Elish too must have drawn the similar one in November. Thank you so much for sharing that child's drawing Ellie.

There is always so much more to share with you, but I know that you are a very busy woman and just about everyone wants to share their experiences with you at this time.

I can't say thank you enough Ellie for being such a great teacher.  
;) Brigitte