October the 3rd was a new moon solar eclipse. At this time I received some very powerful messages through dream time. I also decided on October the 4th to look at Crystalinks website, something I have not been able to do often since Katrina. However, yesterday when I did go to the site, on Ellie's world today I read of some things that correlated with my own life. There were messages about certain souls being transferred or moved to different ley lines for what is to come.

I understand this very well.

I understand that I have made it through part of the "Armageddon" with my family.

I understand that a dream which I have had since childhood will be played out here in Lima Ohio.
What will happen exactly when the stars shift constellation and the red milky way swirl galaxy comes I do not know. I do know that we, my husband, children and I have made it this far and we are not going to give up or lose our spiritual path now. Of course there are still those in our path who would like to hamper our spiritual awareness, but we are strong...Strong like Arch Angel Michael, Sometimes it feels as though his essence runs through our families blood.

My point to all of this, I am still receiving signs and visions. Nothing is over yet!

the site also had Enum Elish listed as it's most viewed file yesterday. Elish Kristen is my unborn child's name. I have wanted to name my daughter Elish since the time I was 15 years old.

Yes I do know the story of Enum Elish along with the anuki annanuki. It is simply that I am telling you the reader that I look upon this message as a sign from the cosmos. Things are going as they should be.

Elish along with a story about Alzheimers also on that site as of today, correlates with my mothers Alzheimer's and our reson for Katrina sending us here to Lima.

....it's all happening now, it's right on time, it's right on time!

Enum Elish