The glyph represents the owl. It signifies the light and the obscurity that are simultaneously by the hooks. The obscure side represents the shadow, and the lines that come from the front towards the bottom represent the light unveiling the materialism over the earth.

This is a day to ask for clarity in our paths; new opportunities; to renew our lives; to have clarity; to bring to light the occult things; and to clear out the mysteries. This is a good day to ask for stability; to find a better job or business; to ask for clarity in our existence; to ask the creator to have days of peace and happiness for the community; so that we may have employment; so that light may be shone upon our path; to remove the obscurity in our minds; to give strength to the woman to procreate; so that there may be justice upon us; signifies the sunrise and the sunset; the light and the obscurity; the rising and the falling of the sun. To do away with people that have double intentions.

To ask for opportunities in life; of employment; change of residence; of country; to change our look if things aren't going well for us; for a new dawn upon humanity; to ask for our existence; for the renovation; to calm the instability; to do away with obsessions; to do away with people that have bad intentions; so that we may have good thoughts; so that there may be justice.