Bear with me here my friends, it's 2:00 p.m. and I am only just now getting around to my first cup of coffee. That's how things roll in this household for me as of late. I wake up wash my face, stretch my legs, open curtains, fix the girls breakfast, pick up a trail of toys that Yaddo has already made just in the process of me doing my morning rituals.

Eventually I make my way to the coffee pot hours later after teaching has started.

I'm currently NOT awake.  This means my typing and focus are VERY off kilter. Ha! When are they not off kilter? Even when I am awake I have a zoo here so I can't get a handle on my thoughts. :P

Okay currently I have a four year old daughter who is on the potty yelling: "I want someone to wipe me! I don't want to wipe myself."

Did any of you fellow parents go through this? Matthew and I  have gone through this with each one of our kiddos.  ~sigh~

Oh lovely, cat water is all over the place now as well....Anya is chasing a comes the sun oh darlin'  lalalalal.....

Okay where am I? Who am I ? Why am I here? (snicker)

Ross Perot said that once during a debate and for some reason it has always stuck with me.  I pull that phrase out whenever I am in the middle of chaos.

Just so you all know not a thing is ever simple here in the Von Stetina house hold. There is ALWAYS drama of some sort. Sure does make life less boring. There is absolutely NO TIME for boring here!!! Truthfully I am thankful for that.

Sooooo the other day the mail man dropped a package off for us. Autumn went out to the gate to accept the package and the mail lady asked her if she was sick. I suppose she is not used to seeing children home in the middle of the afternoon still in their nightgown.  Autumn of course replied to the mail lady that she was in fact not sick and happily took the package.  (This is the beauty of home schooling, some days the kiddos want to wear their pajamas, other days Harry Potter robes, some times elf ears and cloaks.)

Soooooooooooo...back to the package. Once the girls were done with their school work we opened the package.

Here is what was inside:

![](/content/images/imported/10-19-2010 165.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-19-2010 167_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-19-2010 181_0_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-19-2010 183_0_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-19-2010 192_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-19-2010 197_large.jpg)

Thank you Nana for the awesome Frankenstein!!!!!! We <3 Frankie around here!!!! <3 xoxoxoxox