Matty was being a sweet husband last night and on the way home he bought me Good Karma Carrot Cake ice cream!

I WAS SO EXCITED about my favorite cake being in an ice cream that might not shoot my blood sugars up. Anything over 120 within a half an hour from eating a meal from my deeper research qualifies as impaired glucose tolerance. If your not glucose intolerant your levels will stay at 120 during a peak  and then go back down to the 80's within the hour no matter what you eat. Accepting the idea of 140 two hours after a meal is ridiculous unless you want become a diabetic. Fasting blood sugar levels should be in the lower 80's. I monitor this very very carefully. So my point is that I was going to test out this Good Karma rice ice cream on my blood sugar levels because for me rice shoots me up to at least in the 140 range which is not good for your organs.

Well any way I made sure to lift weights first as this was going to be my treat.

I cracked open the container and there was no seal. I know that some ice creams have either a seal on the outside of the container or a peel away seal on the inside top of the container. This did NOT :(  I realize that there are some brands out there that do not have seals and that's unfortunate. WHY? Because the ice cream rice cream, coconut cream, tofu cram what have you becomes freezer burned and dry and nasty.

This ice cream was so dry it was shrunk and shriveled away from the sides and top of the container. The freezer burn on the top was in the form of a huge ice ball.

I was sad to say the least.

I really felt bad for Matty. Because in our 10 years of being together he has always tried. Always he is thinking of me. Unfortunately due to the fact that the world in my mind is quite an imaginative one full of things that could never possibly exist here on this plain unless I got together with a group of engineers, he just never wins. Yet this time I was thinking WOW Matty this little surprise rocked my socks off. I have loved carrot cake all of my life and I only allow myself to have it once a year on my birthday.

Well, two years ago I made a 70 dollar carrot cake from organic gluten free products. It was the BEST carrot cake that I had ever had in my life. Sweetened with xylitol! Oh it was divine.

I was expecting the same from this ice cream. Now I'm considering writing to the manufacturing in regards to how truly disappointed I am!