No Fear.

Only Love.

Thoughts of life, times past, times present, times to come. It's a good day to be alive. I always think. I am constantly going in a whirlwind of color. It has yet to cease. Since the day I was given life. Life funny thing. I wanted to say since the day I was given "breath of life", Yet How can I use such terminology? After all I was given liquid breath. Breath through the blood of the Chamorro peoples.
mmmm... Thank you. Every day I thank you.

Life. My colors, my pictures, my world. If only I could scoop every creation into my arms, take them under my wings and show them the beauty of living within colors. Such a place.

Flying high on the back of an eagle who appears blue, but is the color of white, made of water. Soaring high into the atmosphere...High high high....Beauty of the unknown, yet knowing we will be safe.

My daughter With me. Soaring high above the peoples, high above the lands, going and going on and on.

You see your Gypsy....

I have no Fear and Only Love! I am like a child and I am in love..In love with this Earth. My child mind wonders honestly outloud...WHY? Why is not everyone willing to live with the land, with the water, with the animals? Why? For I try to understand and within my compassionate heart I begin to feel tears for all of those who are in the illusions of this made up time. I see people who walk blindly down the road the crooked road... Caring about the way they look, their cell phones, their Lattes, their business suits. Why? For I try, I do, but I am only a child. A child with the mind of the heart. I see with my heart, I feel with my heart.

She was just a wish....You see your gypsy.....

And it all comes down to you...