I have been meaning to do this for a while...Actually I asked Matty to make a link in gimp for this website to go on my blog.

Still waiting :P

Now, usually, I don't have much of anything in common with my husbands old computer geek friends. However, one night I peeked up at the computer screen while Matty was sitting in front of it. He was laughing outloud, and I was interested to see what had him going. Thus beginning my reading of the Hardgeus website nearly every day now.

This friend of Matty's is really something else. When I read what he writes about, I am usually right there...Meaning I follow him all the way, I feel like I am actually chillin with him in some of his adventures and thoughts. I think that makes for an excellent writer.

So, Here's a link to Hardgeus Dream Page. As anyone who knows me, knows that I am fascinated with peoples dreams.