![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 053_large.jpg)Well here I am yet again :) This has to be a quick blog blurb because I have much to do. (Hahahaha, when don't I?) Matty and I often kid that I'm going to pass on out of this earthly plane by age 54 if the world doesn't end in 2012 anyhow, just because I over tax myself. I konw your thinking ehat the hell kind of kidding is that, right? Well, I'm telling you people I am a do do do doer. I do not like to be idle. This is what is going to preserve my husbands life span I believe. He knows how to relax and I do not point blank. Even when I'm relaxing, like say watching x-files with Matty, I am constantly paying attention to things in the room around me, noises outside in the world, etc. I JUST CANNOT RELAX!

Okay, many things to do, I need to move the fridge so I can paint the wall with the prayer flags and skeleton aprons hanging on them.

I just iced that carrot cake from last night and crushed walnuts and pecans in my fingers to layer the icing with. Everything I do baking wise is all done by hand with my fingers or a wooden spoon. Yep!

Well Anywho I  wanted to show you some of what Autumn was working on yesterday as well as the new carrot cake :P

Oh and Anya chewed up Yaddo's little toy puppy tail :*(

Autumn was looking at sugar skull pictures with me online, here's her work so far. Autumn is very super critical of her work. Her sugar skulls are also on the white sheet in pen.

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 055_large.jpg)

Carrot cake number 2 in the fridge now:

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 057_large.jpg)

Yaddo's puppy tail :*(

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 060_0_large.jpg)