Where in the hell have I been?

hmmmm....here where I've been since September the 8th of 2005.

As I sit here now I can smell the rice that Matty is cooking on the stove, it smells so good, but not for me :( I'm on my yeast free diet which means no Rice a Roni. Yeast free means no packaged or processed crap. If I eat rice I eat plain brown rice YUM!

I'm in somewhat of a down mood today which sucks because it was a rainy day, my favorite. Rain usually makes me so happy, it reminds me of Seattle.

Dang, I thought I was going to write, but my concentration is just shot. I'm getting horrible sleep if any at all. So let me just keep the update simple for now. I'm breast feeding Elish now too, so typing is a bit difficult. My poor little booga is getting her molars so she's super cranky.

Matty and I finished up all the paper work we needed to get Willow enrolled into Connections Academy. It's an online school. It follows a public school curriculum.

Matty also ran out to the health food store to try and exchange some peppermint essential oil for xylitol but the health store owner wouldn't let us exchange it because we didn't have a receipt. Never mind the fact we shop there every time Matty gets paid, and never mind the seal was never broken and the product still had the store sticker on it. So Matty suggested I sell it on e-bay. Matty accidentally bought two peppermint oils when he went in last time. How do you buy two on accident? Well he was buying other oils as well so it just ended up getting mixed in. I'm just pissy that the guy would not exchange it so I'm going to write an e-mail to him before I leave a review about it up on the net.

What else?

All neighborhood kids are still banned from inside after giving Elish LICE! I mean really ugh! Seven years we lived in nasty New Orleans and no freekin' head lice, we come here allow our girls around a gazzillion kids and BAM lice! Just irritating is all!

Missing friends. Missing Az and Nola both! F*ck! :(

The girls have short hair now, don't know if any of you know that. This happened before the lice.

Elish fell asleep in my arms, such a cutie.

I need to go work out but I'm lagging today. I just feel ugh!

I'm thinking about starting a blog up for the girls again. I wish that I had never deleted the others :(

Well, since I'm grumpy I'm going to head out.