here are recipes for CAKE ONLY I dunno which one to use PLEASE tell me what you THINK!!!

Carrot Cake using coconut (WE WOULD NEED WOULD BE COCONUT FLOWER/2LRG CARROTS/WALNUTS/MORE STEVIA) Ingredients 1 cup sifted TIANA coconut flour½ cup butter, melted½ cup TIANA coconut cream/milk12 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla1 cup sugar1 teaspoon salt1½ teaspoons ground cinnamon1 teaspoon ground nutmeg½ teaspoon ground cloves1 teaspoon baking powder2 cups finely grated carrot½ cup nuts, choppedFrosting ----------------------------------------------------recipe II (We would need almond flour/two carrots/rum flavor extract/heavy cream) Things You'll Need:1/3 cup almond flour1/4 cup soy protein isolate powder.One level teaspoon baking soda.2 heaped tablespoons sugar substitute2/3 cup grated carrot1 teaspoon vanilla flavouring2 teaspoonfuls rum flavouring3 eggs7 tsp melted butter3 tablespoons heavy creamLoaf panMixerNon-stick cooking sprayLarge mixing bowlSmall mixing bowlSpatulaSpoon  Read more: How to Bake Low Carb Carrot Cake | Recipe III (we would need two carrots/pineapple/walnuts/frozen pineapple juice/unsweetened coconut flakes/almond flour Recipe - Sugar free Carrot Cake2 c. flour2 tsp. cinnamon2 tsp. baking soda1/4 tsp. salt1 tsp. baking powderCARROT MIXTURE:2 c. grated carrots1 c. crushed pineapple, drained1/2 c. crushed nuts1/2 c. sesame seeds1-1 1/2 c. coconutEGG MIXTURE:3 eggs1/2 c. oil1/2 can frozen juice concentrate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Recipe Iv (We would need almond flour/raisins/walnuts/more stevia) Gluten Free Carrot Cakeprint this post3 cups blanched almond flour2 teaspoons celtic sea salt1 teaspoon baking soda1 tablespoon cinnamon1 teaspoon nutmeg5 eggs½ cup agave nectar¼ cup grapeseed oil3 cups carrots, grated1 cup raisins1 cup walnuts---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recipe V (we would need cottage cheese/oats NOT instant oats nor mcain regular rolled oats/more stevia/two carrots/pineapple/raisins/walnuts) Ingredients8 egg whites½ cup cottage cheese1 tbs vanilla extract1/2 scoop vanilla/plain protein powder1 cup oats2 tsp baking powder1/2 cup Splenda OR 1/4 cup Stevia (I used NuNaturals More Fiber Stevia Baking Blend)2 tsp cinnamon1.5 cup finely grated carrots1/3 cup canned crushed pineapple, drained*Optional: 1/3 cup raisins OR 1/3 cup walnuts, finely chopped ------------------------------------------------------------------ For icing cream cheese 3 packs maple extract