The following information was taken directly from the book Anti-Aging Manual: Encyclopedia of Natural Health by Joseph B. Marion

What you are about to read may shock you, knock you off your cloud, seem unbelievable; but is known today from solid scientific research.  Natural remedies have been known for centuries, and are being verified and discovered at an increasing rate today at the advent of the 21st century.  It may be hazardous for your health to rely on drugs, toxic medications, and high-tech treatments, especially if neglecting sufficient body-building factors of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Enzymes, including aware use of all the other healing herbs and whole foods.  True health care is knowledge of nutrients, and unity with nature.

To counter the centralized government, thence industry monopolies of enslavement, let's legislate the "Natural Remedies" Versus "Synthetic Drugs" Equivalency Chart listing the side effects of natural remedies versus those of synthetic drugs (read the book Best Pills/Worst Pills).  Which would you sanely choose for your body?  The facts prove that natural support and prevention (consciousness) is a smarter, less painful or expensive policy than sudden savage wartime medicine that may suffice in battle, but doesn't provide adequate building factors of prevention.  Medical doctors may be in a conflict of interest between making money and your health.

This collection of data is presented for information and educational purposes only, with no intention of diagnosing, prescribing or supplanting a physician's responsibility.  Do not cease medical care without your doctor's approval.  Only use this information to properly feed your body cells before they break down, or as supplement in addition to diet at your wholistic physician's advice. ** No responsibility is assumed by the author or publisher for self-diagnosis of any illness, and no guarantees of performance or effectiveness are offered, of remedies here reported.**  Before using any of this information, consult with your wholistic physician who understands how ailments can be prevented with ancient foods, now-a-days called "alternatives;" and appraise your doctor of these health findings, of which many physicians are unaware and unprepared.

The Creator created medicines from the Earth and a sensible Human will not despise them.

Flu (otherwise known as Influenza):

The various strains of flu viruses are created through a combination of different virus types found in various animals.  For examples, pigs will often catch viruses from their human caretakers, which are combined with viruses carried by wild ducks or geese.


The incubation period lasts 1-4 days, and those infected will typically have symptoms of sneezing, watering eyes, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, runny noses, cough and also back and limb pain.

The best course of action at this point is to take natural antibiotic substances and herbs and to fast - by avoiding food you will deprive the virus of the energy it needs to survive.  However, if you are malnourished, however, you may eat RAW (uncooked and unprocessed) fruit, RAW (uncooked and unprocessed) vegetables, bee pollen, 100% fruit juice (no additives, label must read NOT FROM CONCENTRATE) and RAW honey.** **It is unlikely that you will find raw honey and pollen at normal grocery stores, and a visit to a Health Food store or the nearest Whole Foods will probably be necessary.

Recommended Vitamins:

A - 5,000mg

B6 - 5,000mg

C - 1,000mg 3 times a day

E - (not synthetic, make sure you request natural)

*Folic Acid *

**Recommended Minerals: **

Iron, Zinc & Potassium

*Sodium ChlorideorCalcium Phosphate*****- 12X every 3 hours

Potassium Phosphate - 12X every 3 hours

*35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide *(very difficult to find)

Recommended Herbs:



Slippery Elm





Elderberry Blossoms


The above herbs may be taken freely and at bedrest.  It is possible they will rid your body of the flu in 24 hours.

*1oz of dried sage in 2qts of boiling water w/ lemon juice, orange & raw honey - steep for 1 hour & strain.  Reheat before consumption. *


Magnolia Bark


China Root

Pueria / Kudzu


Gravel Root

Comfrey Root



*Marshmallow *(the plant, not the "Stay Puffed" kind)

White oak bark

Black walnet hulls

Mullein leaf




Raw Apple Cider Vinnegar (Bragg's)

*Cannot mention Raw Honey enough *





*Boiron & Bornemans Oscillococcinum *(from France)

This stimulates our bodies' own immune system, but you need to take it BEFORE the onset of the flu symptoms for it to be effective.

*Aconite *(3X)

Gelsemium (3X)

Eupatorium perf. (3X)


Iron Phosphate


Baptisia (3X)

Nux Vomica (6X)

Cold water packs on calves and head

*Exposure to ultraviolet lamp for 30 minutes per day *

Brain & Nervous System:


*Acid. Phos. *(4X)


Echinacea Mouthwash

Thyme & Junper Body Washes* *

Clean intestines with flax & phyllium seed meal.  The idea is to get the virus out of your body by flushing it out.


Use hot water compresses, hot Elder flower and Lemon tea. Take fresh Orange, Grap, Grapefruit, and for the liver Carrot juice, with American Mandrake/Podophyllum (3X), Chelidonium (2x), Taraxacum/Dandelion, and mashed Cabbage liver poultices.  Goldenrod tea for kidney cleansing.

In addition to the above material recommended by the Anti-Aging Handbook, we strongly recommend consuming colloidal silver.  Check your local health store or pharmacy, and you may even possibly find it in your grocery store (I believe it is carried by Meijers in their Health department).

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic - the tiny silver particles suspended in the water solution are small enough to penetrate the virus wall and kill it.  Colloidal silver typically does not damage your beneficial bacteria the way synthetic antibiotics do.

When you consume colloidal silver try to keep it in your mouth, swished under your tongue for rapid delivery to your blood stream.

We believe with the onset of the Swine Flu that it is a bad idea to go to the hospital, as this is where people with the worst cases of the virus are being treated, and you will end up being exposed to more of the virus while your immune system is already weakened.  The idea is to get the virus OUT of your body before it can do serious damage, not to introduce MORE of the virus to your system.

Also - for your work-a-holics out there who believe that your workplace will not be able to survive without you, consider the possibility of everyone at your workplace being out sick at the same time, and then follow the proper course of action by STAYING HOME AND GETTING AS MUCH REST AS POSSIBLE.  Your coworkers may thank you for not infecting them.