Our dog Guinness
In case nobody has figured it out yet, my family and I barely escaped New Orleans with our lives, much less our health. We are lucky to be alive, we dodged so many bullets just getting out of Louisiana it is unbelievable. If you are curious about more details, you can find part of the story here.

The worst part of escaping the building we sheltered in was having to leave our dog Guinness. We do not know if he is still there, alive or not, or any additional details. Some amazing friends have been trying to help us by contacting the appropriate authorities for us because we are so busy just trying to get our lives back in order, but I wanted to try to do my part and provide a link for anyone else who wished to help. Here are details for anyone who may find them useful:

Guinness is a male, medium sized labrador retriever mix weighing close to eighty pounds. He has black colored fur that has brown highlights in the sun, with two small light patches of fur - one on his chest, and some grey hairs on his chin. He loves other animals (including cats, and not in a mean way, seriously), but can be afraid of adult humans. He typically reacts to aggessive dogs or humans by smiling (which appears to be baring fangs) and has a ridge of fur that stands straight up along his spine starting from the base of his head and going halfway down his back. He is good with children of all ages, and is all in all a great dog and we want him back. Guinness was left behind at the address of 97 Fontainebleau Drive, New Orleans, LA 70124. There are two other dogs in building named Sunshine and Peco and two gray cats named Alexander and Romeo.

If you have any information regarding Guinness and his whereabouts please contact:
Brigitte or Matthew Von Stetina
(504) 669-9664 cell or
e-mail yaddoshiyahoo.com or
leave a comment here.

Thank you everyone for your support through this entire mess.