Alrighty so it looks like this Hurricane is heading straight for us. Hmmm, I've made it through hurricanes here since 1998. I believe we will be fine. We are in an old brick building that has stood through much since the 1800's. We have outside wooden shutters that close over our doors and windows with steal bars pinning them closed. The only problem that may occur is flooding. We have been invited to go to some high ground places, but Mathew and I haven't made up our minds yet. Someone we know has already held it out through the Hurricane Katrina when it hit Florida. They were shaken up but survived. I am reluctant to go anywhere because I will not leave my dog and cat. That might sound funny to some of you, but I will not leave them here alone. My dog acts like a little human toddler as it is can you imagine his feelings of fear and abandonment if I left him here to rescue myself. Noway! That's it for now as I really want to drink some tea and think about this situation. You know as i am sitting here thinking, I realize, an infant I made through a horrible Typhoon while living on the Island of Guam. If you aren't familiar Guam is a tiny little Island out in the Pacific Ocean. If we survived that, when the Island was wrecked, there was no water, etc, we will survive this.

Okay, I am going to eat my Japanese noodles now.