And today I am groggy. I cannot wake up. My four year old daughter is sitting on the pot sounding like my mother who suffers from dementia.

"wipe me, I'm Dooooooone, I'm DONE! SOMEBODY WIPE ME!"

Autumn is drinking her coffee and sketching. Willow is working on her school work book pages. And me......I just can not wake up today. Soooooo Here we GO!


Yes we are dancing in the kitchen which looks like a tornado came through due to my NEED to paint the walls RED!

Our youngest Yaddo you see there dancing in her diaper, She is totally covered in markers yes indeed. I can take the markers away, yes I can, but you know what, each one of our kiddos has markered themselves to death at that age and do you know what?! Our middle child wants to be a tattoo artist. All of our kids love tattoos so I am not going to take the markers away.

Whoa!!!! Chocolate cake was just grabbed and flung across the room!

That's a 1 1/2 year old for you.

Enjoy. Must go clean.

![](/content/images/imported/10-12-2010 025_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-12-2010 026_large.jpg)

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