So upon waking up this morning. Or rather I should say. Upon being dragged out of a deep sleep frommy daughters high pitched voice...Love my Girl, but oh that little voice so high pitched....maybe even more so when you are in a nice dark black world of sleep with no dreams this time..Ahhh...

So she squeeks something and I think my husband will turn around and take care of it. She squeeks again...This time my head says .."oh he better turn around and answer her" or I am going to be forced awake and cranky to boot. I wait a moment and nothing ...just the clickity click of the keys on the keyboard being struck by my husbands fingers. Again the loud shrilly high pitched voice sounds off. This time I say to my husband, Matty will you please answer her Iam now awake. He swiftly apologizes...and takes care of the situation...but now I am awake.:( After being up until 4am last night with two hyper destructive little monsters, I just wanted sleeeeeep. So My lovey hubby takes my daughter to the restroom to take care of morning duties as I lay in bed trying to convince myself that I can indeed fall back to sleep. Not so, I am laying there thinking about Egypt and metaphysics. So back in the room come my daughter and husband, hoping they will be quiet so daughter number 2 stays in sleepy land--- when I have this image in my mind.

I see my husband as the main character in Kill Bill- Beatrix Kittle- (hey I just woke up you know, so Im bad on the name and spelling.) I see him sitting at the keyboard typing away and the girls are squeeking out saying whatever it is they say when they squeek out for us and then I see me..and I am like the old Master that Beatrix goes to study under. The Master who taught her how to snatch out an eye...etc. So the music is now in my head. The music from the scene where she is training with the Master and she keeps hitting things constantly until she understands and gets through the right, that music is playing in my little scenario in my head right...and there is mat at thye keyboard typing away...the house is in turmoil because the girls are just HYPER...they ask of something of daddy, but he doesnt reply...I whip out this stick and hit him in the back of the head. And I continue to do this as his training. His training to be like a develope those eyes in the back of his head. So every time he does not answer the girls in a fast ninja like response, I hit him in the back of the head with this stick. Just like that Master...Ahhhh and then life is bliss!

I love my husband...hehehe...ok I have to run to go get ready...going out with the family today.