I was reading this blog today http://beyondtheblog.wordpress.com/2007/11/07/native-american-mysticism/

and towards the bottom I found a comment that I would like to post here:

"I wish our ancestors could have accepted that Natives had much to teach the white man. But as usual, war was the only way we knew. Today, as the land chokes from our pollution and money-making activities, we realize that now it is too late, but 200 years ago, it might have been possible to take a different path. If widom was more important to us than money, we wouldn’t be facing the end of the world in a few decades, our bodies wouldn’t be full of pollutants and perhaps we could actually think straight. But money blinds us to this day and it has become a cancer to people all over the world. White people forced the world to value money over life and God. Well, we should have put our egos aside and we should have asked for help. Now, we are all lost and the world is dying. We are assholes, the lot of us."