today sucks!
Yesterday before we went to the movie, we were outside watering the gardens and the baby trees that we have planted. Which include five white spruce babies, and I mean lil' tiny babies. I had bought them off of ebay and when they arrived the roots were dry, same as our live oak that we purchased off of ebay, super dry roots by the time they arrived. Well one of the white spruces died. We tried and tried but, with such dry roots we were lucky if any of them would make it. So yestrday we were marveling over the ones that seem to be doing AWESOME! We were so happy to see them growing new little buds which would soon be new branches. Two of the existing Spruces were doing the best out of all of them. AND to top it off there were five baby maples growing with one of the best spruces. Talk about making me super duper happy!!!!! And Matty was so happy that I was happy :)

Then today the industrial lawnmower of death started to mow the feilds behind our house and behind our neighbors house. I didn't think for a second that his blades would cross over into our property line. I was however worried about the lone maple tree in the feild that had about 15 five foot babies growing all around it.

We were all sitting in the living room when Matty comes in to tell me "he just took out the best baby Spruce!" I was in shock! I handed Elish off to Matty and ran out of the front door around to the side of the house and over to the back yard. I picked up the Spruce and just started bawling my eyes out. The baby looked so beautiful with all of it's new buds and long green top branches. I sat down on the Earth and cried. Then I became pissed, so pissed, so angry. I picked up some bricks and started hurling them towards the tractor mower yelling and crying, "YOU CUT DOWN MY BABY TREE YOU FU*KER! YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE EARTH OR ANYTHING GROWING ON IT! I HATE INDUSTRIALIZATION!"
The maples that the Creator planted there were all chopped too! The babies in the field all but three stand there now! I felt defeated, I felt rage, I felt saddness! It was then that my godhead said to me "She cannot be expected to heal as longas humans roam here." I told my godhead that couldn't be true, there ARE humans that care now, just as there were humans that took great care to protect her before. My godheads reply was "yes and where are those humans now? pushed off like cattle, like lesser beings because they have no greed and only compassion for her."

I walked into the living room, trying to talk to Matty, but the frog kept leaping into my throat. I told Matty that to many people this was JUST a tree, so what you can plant another. To me it is JUST a Tree and that's what makes this one so special! Matty suggested that I put the chopped top of the baby Spruce in water to see if it will grow some roots.
Matty's out buying me a new tree now.
We still have all of our baby maples growing in cups, Matty said that's good news. He's right, I need to go plant them.

Also yesterday I found baby maples growing in our front flower bed, like 25 of them! I'll need to transplant them further away from the house. I found three in the front garden, five in one of the backyard gardens. :) There's also one growing beside the other healthy baby spruce and one growing next to our baby pear tree. :D

We also bought a Colorado pine last week at Wal-mart that we need to plant. I'm waiting until Matty gets paid on Monday though so we can buy mulch for him.

I hope my Spruce can grow roots.