I have a simple yes or no question.....

Has anyone out there in the world as of late heard Muslim prayer music or Hindu Mantra chanting in their home....and I do not mean from the radio.

I mean have you heard it without being able to identify where the sound is coming from. Thinking if you go in the other room from that which you are currently in.....You may find where the music is coming from....yet when you go to check it out, the sound is the same now in the room you have just walked into. So you walk back to the original room where you heard the sounds to begin with and nothing...It's gone

The reason why I ask is because I am not the only one who has heard such sounds as of the past few days. It seems to occur between 2 and 3 am standard. It as occurred in various areas of this country, other than where I currently am located. What is this phantom sound? Why are there others hearing such ghostly voices in the night? Is this because of shifts in consciousness?