Not awake....Though as soon as I wake up my mind wanders upon my dreams from the night before..On studies...Metaphysics...Etc..I don't ever stop. I am always thinking and linking. Last night we had one of my favorite people in the whole world over to our apartment. Along with her she brought a guest. This guest was quite interesting as we had some similarities. So of course upon waking I was thinking about last night. Thinking about many things related to my dear friend. I wish there were a better term for her than friend, because I feel the connection is a strong one and deserves a better title. I would use the term "soulmate" but..I feel that term is so over used and improperly used at that. If you are wondering...Yes, my husband is my soulmate. Actually he goes deeper than that..He is my ying. He balances me out and without him I am afraid that I would not have elevated in my consciousness shifting.
I have more that I would like to write but I am finding my thoughts being pulled away. I'm actually thinking about the connection that I feel with my friend who I previously wrote about in another blog who shares my toes and skull shape. I feel a connection with her as well...And I have not been able to even shape my thoughts around what it is. Hard to explain. I don't see her often, though I feel that if I allowed myself to be as serious with her, as my "connection" feeling to her is one of seriousness, the atmosphere metaphysically would become to heavy. For some reason I am not ready to go that way with her yet. Yes I did say yet. As every time I am in her presence I feel like we are supposed to be working on something. Something important. The times that I do see her. I find that I have to try hard to not allow myself to let go. As it is, I have to look away from her often because when I do look she always has purple shooting out from some part of her body.
writing this now I am understanding that My dear friend who came to visit last night...Is connected to my Butterfly. My Butterfly meaning my "spirit guide" if you want to go with those terms. When I was a child in my dreams a Huge butterfly would come to me and visit me and tell me many things. Things about the universe. However this butterfly always had to remain hidden so that it was kept out of the view of other people. Something terrible would happen if others were to see this butterfly. If I could unlock the door now, the door that has the words of the butterfly kept behind it, maybe then, there would be more answers. As for now, I just know that My dear friend is connected to this butterfly, I just don't know why I didn't see it before. As my dear friend is connected to my butterfly, and I cannot begin to describe the feelings and connections I have with her...She is the link connecting me to my friend with the toes, skull and purple aura rays. There is only truth there. Do you understand? There are no human conditioned falsites that I feel with these two.
They are not fake and corrupted, they are not polluted with evil.

Minds swirling with colors of disgust....As my thoughts have lead me to a perpetrator. A soul so polluted and filled with sickness and darkness that I wonder how it came to be. There are no words to describe the wickedness, the fakeness, the pollutedness. I cannot go on....I need to stop. My reasoning's are my own.

I would wish to leave with the thoughts of my two friends whom I will call Butterfly and Egypt. The allys there within are good.