This is my Coffee.

Matty makes it for me everyday.

This particular cup went into the fridge overnight where it developed these rings.

I just find this absolutely fascinating. Thinking about the breakdown and the components of the coffee bean it self.

I mean the Plant is a sentient being. Plants have telepathic thought. Yes it has been proven. I have an article about it in SUN magazine. I will post it when we actually get a scanner.

But back to the Coffee.

I was looking at the rings and thinking about the coffee. About all the different particles that make up the coffee. Looking again and again pondering these rings.
So the coffee shifted into the actual image that it was contained in.

Still thinking, in my mind I see the coffee bean being stripped from it's host plant. I see it in someone's hands. What was that person thinking while they were stripping the coffee bean, transferring it into a basket to bring it to the racks where the green bean itself will dry and bake out in the sun.

If we are all made of Star seeds, in essence we are all crystalline beings, everything! So,crystal holds memory right? Then what was telepathically transferring from the person's fingertips to the bean itself. Further more what was the plant thinking as it's seed was ripped away?

Can you imagine the energy in the fingertips touching the seed/bean. If each fingertip corresponds to a different planet than the thoughts and process of thought transferring from one to the next are limitless. The Cosmos and beyond is a factor in my ring cup of coffee.

So what I am drinking,
my Coffee,
it will be a factor in determining my mood will it not?

----That's it for now, Autumn is hungry, I have to go. I really wanted to complete this writing, but I can't as my daughters needs out way my out there thought processes while I am zinging on coffee. :P

btw--yes, I am always like this when drinking coffee. My thoughts burst out like a starburst going a million mile a nano-second. Once I actually stop and eat some food the process of grounding takes a hold of my spirit and I tend to calm down.

That's it for now --Brigitte---