Just finished an hour and a half of weight training, breastfeeding the lil bean at the moment.

Don't really know what to type, my mind's on many different topics. New Orleans, Arizona....Woop, wait a second Elish jumped down. She's headed for the bathroom. Potty break.

Potty break over, where is my mind???? Well the beach boys are playing on Radio Paradise so that makes me think of California and Sunkist. Days when my parents took us to the lakes and amusement parks. Ahhh the fun.

Though I am thinking about Halloween first and foremost. Oh man I love that holiday. Or what it used to be. I really don't like trick or treating in the middle of the afternoon :( And you know, so many stores and places around town already have Christmas stuff up that it's totally distroyed the spirit of Halloween for me. I'd have to say my favorite place for Halloween had to be in the French Quarter. Now I'm not talking about for kids. I mean the parties that Lady Mimi held were just awesome. She's a witch yes, and not your hokey kind of witch either. You'd have to live in New Orleans to understand. She is very highly known and respected in the community there. I miss that feeling, the nice chill in the southern air ... Oh wait the chill, I must be remembering her December/January fool moon parties. DOH!

Anyway, le sigh :P

My damn Molar on the left side where I had my wisdom teeth removed, I can't stop grinding it. It's been like this for a year and I tell you I am getting so tired of grinding my freekin tooth. It's not aligned properly you can see it's puxhing up on my other molar and that molar is turning sideways a hair. It really bothers me!!! My jaw on the left side is always tight and sore. Grrrr.

Well that's it for now. :)