Now that I finished with my chores and finished checking e-mail, I can post a blog thought for the time being.
I saw some nice blogs today....some with pretty stars twinkling in the night sky....some with links to friends bloggers...
hmmm..I need to learn more about this new blogging thing I have found. Alas, it will have to wait...someone here wants to play computer off I go to do some reading. My husband picked up a great book for me the other day. It's called THE INDIAN'S BOOK by Natalie Curtis. It's songs and legends of the American Indians. Wow it's really ....I don't have the words.... Matthew has promised to look over the songs and musical notes to get them down so he can play them on his violin....I then in turn will learn how to sing the songs once I understand the music from his violin. I can't read music notes unfortunately.
So off to go through the book. Oh he got the book at this great shop called Starling....Oh it's a wonderful shop in the French Quarter. They might be online...dunno. Okay, I have to go. :)