k thank my husband for the new look..:)
We're still not finished as of yet. It's always an adventure when he tries to do something nice for me on this computer. Inevitably, I am never happy and way too picky.
I can't help it, I am a Libra after all, I NEED my things to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye...Otherwise I become depressed. Sooo...There we were today, trying to work on a different layout..Not the one you see here...And chaos disrupts...Me being picky, the girls fighting over who will sit in my lap...Matty not quite awake yet and grumpy about the fact that I have to be so damn precise.
Ah well, we need to BOTH learn Gimp. That is the software that we use to create beautiful images. As it stands right now, I know NOTHING about how to work with this...Matthew knows a tad bit more than myself...Which is still all done by guess work and playing around.
Anyway, IM sure we will be working on it more tonight after he gets off of work. As for now..I am going to sit here and research. The girls are happy out in the courtyard playing with new toys and books that our neighbor gave to them...Well new to the girls...But well loved by others.;)
That's it for now.