I am Livid right now!!!!!!!

I just want to cuss and throw things.

The water in our apartment right now is shut off because the landlord is doing some "work".
Yeah the work that is going to change our apartment into Condominiums so he can collect our rent to make these improvements and then kick us out. Nothing New here in New Orleans swamp pit.

It's done all the time and Myself and my family seem to fall into it all the time.
Every apartment we ever manage to find here that we LOVE gets turned into condos!!!

Anyway.. it just so happens that of course they turn the water off when my little one drops her big sisters barbie in the toilet! The toilet with Poo in it non the less ... Argghhhh!

I'm just a little more than upset because .... how hard is it for them to knock on the door to let us know that they are turning off the water. I could've have let the girls do their duties and I wouldn't have gotten them naked and all ready for bath time. As they were very excited for that. I had plans to take them out for lunch today.... but so much for that. :(

So that's it for now .. I'll be back to blog more in a bit. Of course me being me, I have to wonder why the grid does this to me... (sarcastic chuckle.) My husband had his shower today.

It's alwyas my food that gets messed up at a resturaunt, or they are out of what I want.
Go to pick out a soda from the soda machine ... forget i t... it will be sold out.
My turn for a shower... noway.