Had strange dreams last night...I tried to remember them...Didn't get out of bed to post them as I should of. I knew better...I was falling asleep by the time I had made it half way through the recollection of the dream.

I am disappointed in myself for not getting up!

My daughter is telling me about her dreams now,
so it is hard to focus on remembering my own.

She just told me that she dreampt about the snow..not the ice she said, but the snow.

The dream was in an apartment somewhere else. I'm curious to know where she was as she has the ability to astral.

ahhhh my sweet husband just came home with a sweet potatoe cookie for me and pralines and cream coffee from the french market. In case you didn't know, he makes my magick coffee every morning :)


I am very emotional today.

Watching my husband cut open the brown paper bag of coffee...watching his hands...
his fingers...his wrists...the muscles in his forearms move as he pulls at the top of the bag.


I don't know where I am today...all over the place.

My youngest daughter Autumn Rain brought my husband a picture of Willow when he came back in from the French Market. He was telling Willow that he did not like when she spoke in a whiney voice, when Autumn proceeds to hand him her picture...saying:
"here you go."

there was a higher message to that.
Not from a higher power...but from Autumn Rain herself.

sittings beside me now my husband eats a banana...the sound it makes is that of a mushing and squishing in his mouth. In turn the noise causes the left side of my face to become tight.

I feel due for menstrual flow to come at any moment...full moon..in LIBRA
Though I bled not to long ago.

Cramps in my abdomen.

The noises of home.

Willow's voice is very high pitched...She is asking daddy how he cut his leg. He said he cut it riding his bike. She said, "is it because Autumn put chalk in your bike?" Kids are great.

Autumn is yelling at the french doors handle because it somehow managed to take her purple beads away. She hits inanimate objects when she feels they have injusticed her.

Now Matthew is handing warm fresh cookies to the girls...explaining why they are sticking to their hands.

Ahhhhhhh Bliss!!!

My coffee has arrived.