Last night I had dreams all night long mostly pertaining to Hell Boy as that's what Elish fell asleep to.  The animated Hell Boy.

After waking up a plethora of times from these dreams and hearing that the sounds coming from the screen coincided with my dreamtime I decided to turn the volume down.  After that, I ended up dreaming about owen Wilson and his brother. It was almost a good dream with the exception that there was no feeling in the dream.  You know how sometimes you can actually feel what is happening in the dream, as all of your five senses actually work. Well fooey on this one :(

Let's just say Owen Wilson and I were having a GOOD time and well for some reason after the good time was over I realized that I hadn't had a shower in over two weeks. UGH! I walked over to Owen and said to him: "I can't believe that we just did that! Let's do it again, but let me clean up first."  In his classic Owen Wilson style he went on and on about how everything was fine, just perfect etc.  His brother told me that they had to get going that they were on a schedule. However I was upset and they could see this so they decided to stay while I was in the shower.

The actress from Austin Powers, the second to last Austin Powers. The American girl was there too, she was with Luke Wilson.

So after I clean up the scene gets really bizzare. For some reason we're all rehearsing for a batman on broadway show. It was all really theatrical. The latest actor who plays batman was there.  Well I knew that when this was over the commencing of Owen Wilson and I would continue. I couldn't wait right! Well DAMN that alarm clock all to hell!!! :(

It was time to get up and take Anya out, feed her, do some dishes, clean the floor. :(

Ah well. The dream was fun while it lasted.  Odd note though that I dreampt of Owen Wilson as usually if I dream about a comedian in that way it's always Ben Stiller.  Which to be honest was at first hard for me to get a grip on because I LOVE Ben Stiller!   He's so funny to me. I can't think of anything that I don't like about him.  So to have dreams like that about him threw me off.  I'm guessing that in my subconscious I actually find him hot, as well as Owen Wilson. Let's if I can get a picture list together of hot comedians. I'll be back.