So as I said...we would continue.

The symbol I have been seeing in my minds eye is that of pisces. However, I did not know that's what it was until I decided to click on a link a few nights ago.">

As I was reading I came across the pisces link....I did not click on it until later that evening. When I did...I flipped. Recognizing the sign to be that which I had been seeing in my minds eye. It all seemed to make sense that Ellie was sensing the card I sent her with more of a Pisces than aquarius feel. She must have tapped into the Pisces I have been seeing for months whenever I close my eyes.

Now mind you, I have never taken a drug in my lifetime so I know we are dealing with the third eye.">

I am wondering what the Pisces is signaling to me as I see it with two lines parallel to each other as opposed to just one line. I also see the image either horizontal or vertical. Though each time I see the image the lines, all four of them....and sometimes six of them that is if the curved lines facing outward are coming to merge as a arrow points before crossing the straight parallel lines paths. Then you see that would create six lines. The lines in the middle that do not curve.......there will be a door or a cave/tunnel in between them that I feel the need to go into. However, the lines will start moving...coming closer to one another until the two middle lines merge as one ....creating the pisces one line in the center. As will the two (or four) outward facing curved lines. Those will then touch creating an effect as that of an hourglass type shape. So we have two lines merging as one. As well as two "points" if you will coming together. The coming together of two people perhaps? Hmmmm....

As I am studying on my own in regards to this symbol, I am finding it's striking resemblance to Pi. There is still yet more on this topic...however I need to tend to my daughters. :)