This is posted from my live journal.

Just finished watching it. Wanted to cry at several points. Yes, I AM on my period! Just started it tonight on Mothers Day New Moon Taurus.

(ah, Matty is rubbing the arch in my back right now,) Mega horrid cramps.

So, you do have to wonder why the Baptists that funded Plan nine from outerspace, changed the title name of the movie to just that, instead of Space Graverobbers.

Hmmmm..plan 9.

The mayan calendar is ending in the number 9.
Return to the feminine energies (Plan nine written by a cross dressing director.)
9 is 6 in reverse. 9=6
9 of diamonds =the curse of Scottland.
Much more much more about 9.....

Crampy I am now going to curl up and eat my Ben&Jerrys that Matty bought me.
Mmmmmmmmmmm. :P