"Yes, the Church is alive � this is the wonderful experience of these days. During
those sad days of the Pope�s illness and death, it became wonderfully evident to us
that the Church is alive. And the Church is young. She holds within herself the future
of the world and therefore shows each of us the way towards the future. The Church
is alive and we are seeing it: we are experiencing the joy that the Risen Lord
promised his followers." pope Benedict xvi

Correct me if I am wrong here, but in a hypothetical manner, Did Christ not come to teach us of the word of God. Did Christ not say that the kingdom of heaven "god" was to be found within you, Not within stone nor wood.


this is just a quick thought as I am reading the Popes Homily.

Further more religion is an Illusion. A grand Illusion. I am not saying that religion does not exist, quite the contrary, as it must exist in manifestation to even be an Illusion.

Be mindful. For the pope chooses to address the church with a female ying title.

The Creator has never asked for temples and idols.