For this I followed Bob's Red Mill Pancake Recipe which I had found online. I modified the ingredients of course to add pumpkin in... about 1 cup. I also used stevia instead of sugar. (Note that since my friend Amanda brought me a electric hand mixer my baked goods are now less bland. Previously I did all of my mixing with the trusty old fashioned wooden spoon.)

I made a cream cheese frostig using stevia as well.

Top your pancakes with what ever you would like. Me, I'm using cream cheese frosting, plump black raisins & almonds. (Note toastig the almonds would be so super Yummie. I'm just short on time as I need to lift weights and start on my holiday cards. The girls dressed for photos today thanks to Nana's AWESOME taste in xmas dresses. :D

I'll be posting photos of the girls shortly.

ENJOY your pan cakes!!!!! <3 xoxoxoxox