As you all know by now, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to paint my kitchen RED! If you don't know this already, you see I spend 85-90 percent of my time in the KITCHEN hence the wanting a RED Kitchen.

Here's a tidbit that I just found:

"Tips for Painting a Room Red

I just completed painting my dining room Cranberry by American Tradition and Signature Eggshell (Lowe's). This is the most beautiful color I've ever seen in a red! But, it comes with some trial and error that I'm happy to share.

First, use the grey primer that the store mixes for you according to the brand recommendation - it really does help. It is a light grey, and you may not think it will make a difference, but it does. It eliminates 2-3 coats of the red you will have to use without it. I used primer and 2 coats and it was great.

Next, wait AT LEAST 3-5 DAYS before snarling in disgust at the streaks/strokes visible in the room. They will go away! This paint is very thick and takes about a week to fully dry - really. After that, you can decide if you need another go-around, but you shouldn't.

Lastly, a very important tip: score your blue tape line on the edge with a razor before you pull it off the baseboards and window frames. As I said, the paint is thick and areas often will peel right off along with the tape if you don't. I learned this the hard way on one window.

One more thing I noticed in my case; using the same roller direction kept the lines at a minimum. For example, if you start at the top and roll down, keep it that way on the whole wall, not up and down and over and diagonal, etc. You will have a few lines running up and down with the roller strokes, but again, these will fade in a few days.

I absolutely love this color - it looks so rich and classy.

Good luck to all of you! (10/23/2006)"


Also Willow wants a cosmic blue bedroom so I'm going to be painting the kids room Houdini Blue. I'd like to find scenes of space wall clings and a light that shows the cosmos on the walls at night. Some planetary mobiles, Anything to do with space shuttles, etc. Willow wants to go on to college to become a doctor. Not just any doctor however..... A doctor to the cosmonauts! :D